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MAY 23 2024


ATMA’s Phase II Psilocybin-assisted Therapy Clinical Trial has now received a No Objection Letter from Health Canada, as well as approval from the Health Research Ethics Board of Alberta.

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We offer education, training, clinics, and services in psychedelic-assisted therapy for mental health practitioners, enabling them to provide these innovative treatments to their clients. Additionally, we conduct Health Canada approved clinical trials on psychedelic medicines to further advance research and understanding in this field.

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Our psychedelic-assisted therapy programs are where practical training meets real-world experience. Connect with a community of driven individuals dedicated to honing skills for a future of success.

Leading clinical trials and research

ATMA is leading the way in collaboration with Health Canada to advance the field of medicine. We’ve completed a Phase I Psilocybin safety trial, opening the door to innovative treatments that could revolutionize patient care.

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Dan McKinnon
Registered Psychologist
Dominika Barefoot
Registered Nurse
Leslie Grover
Art Therapist

Great format of watching presentations ahead of time for the Q&A’s and then speaking to the amazing presenters about their experiences. Wonderful to connect with other therapists and interested individuals through breakout groups.

Maya Sloan

Registered Counselling Therapist

Maya Sloan, an ATMA psychedelic therapy training alumni

This program has not only done a masterful job of setting the foundations for Psychedelic-assisted Therapy, but also helped connect participants with like-minded health providers and fostered a continued interest in exploring this needed healing modality at an even deeper level.`

Mikael Bartholdy

Registered Nurse

Mikael Bartholdy, an ATMA psychedelic therapy course alumni

I loved the heart that was put into it, i.e. enthusiasm, quality content, professionalism, etc. I also appreciated my group I worked with, there were some very good conversations and sharing experiences.

Juan Jimenez

Mental Health Therapist

It’s wonderful to be on live Zoom calls with so many amazing teachers. Thank you all, so much gratitude for this space!

Karolina Mikos


I loved the diversity of the instructors and psychedelics discussed. The thoroughness of the information provided in the modules. The self-care Sundays. The small cohort work. The ability of people leading the Q&As and Sundays to keep the time on track.

Delia Comer

Registered Psychologist

I am so grateful to have discovered this amazing program, and I am truly loving this learning platform and community. I was inspired to learn about psychedelic therapy and now I am convinced this is the field that I am meant to be in. I’m excited about bringing my unique offerings to this field and hopefully collaborating with this community along the way.

Cheryl K

The richness of the experience, expertise and discussion was deeply meaningful. Thank you ATMA.

Alison Bell

BA Psychology MA Counselling Psychology

Getting access and support

Our clinics facilitate therapists and mental health clinics aiming to integrate or specialize in psychedelic treatments. We specialize in psychedelic-assisted therapy, along with traditional therapy, counseling, and Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS).

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