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Ātma /from ancient sanskrit:आत्मा
inner essence, breath or soul

At ATMA we believe that psychedelics hold the key to overcoming the root causes of mental health struggles. Through the innovative healing and transformative experiences of psychedelic therapy, we are witnessing a new frontier of treatment, providing hope to those struggling with mental health concerns.

ATMA’s mission is to help deliver such effective experiences, awakening the inner healer and allowing for a deeper connection with self, with others and with the beauty of our world.

Our approach to elevating mental health

ATMA promotes a world where individuals are empowered to explore, optimize, and heal both themselves and their community through evidence-based science and the intentional application of psychedelic medicine.

ATMA offers several services that aid in the advancement of psychedelic-assisted therapy, including the Practitioner Network and Services, training programs, clinical trials, and psilocybin therapy for patients.

Introducing ATMA's Practitioner Network and Services (PNS)

Providing effective services and resources
to mental health care providers

By creating the network infrastructure, ATMA will be able to continually support therapists through the provision of tools, resources, and training.

This will aid therapists in their efforts to offer the innovative healing and transformative experiences that are a product of psychedelic-assisted therapy, whether operating in a clinic or working independently. By streamlining the resources needed to master this therapy, therapists will be able to dedicate more of their time and energy to the cultivation of relationships with their clients.

Core services of the PNS

+ Referrals
The first step to incorporating psychedelic medicine into your practice

Psychedelic-assisted Therapy Training

In partnership with Wayfound Mental Health Group, and with support from the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta (PAA), ATMA has developed an 8 week, 20-hour introductory training program for mental health professionals, helping them develop competency in providing psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

Online training program
Therapy Training Course
Hands-on training
Experiential Practicum
Network of mental health professionals
Therapist Network Services (TNS)
In-depth knowledge of
Psychedelic-assisted Therapy

Clinical Trials

Through Health Canada-approved clinical trials, ATMA offers practitioners the opportunity to gain firsthand experience with psychedelic medicine in a safe space; an additional component of this experience will involve guiding peers through psychedelic journeys, allowing for practitioners to gain a comprehensive understanding from multiple perspectives. 

Clinical trials provide an avenue for practitioners to gain an in-depth knowledge of psychedelic-assisted therapy, from preparation of the client through to post-integration psychotherapy. The clinical trials will operate in conjunction with ATMA’s Psilocybin-assisted Therapy Training Program.

Client Services

Psychedelic-assisted therapy continues to gain mainstream acceptance. A large body of evidence-based research demonstrates the potential psychedelics have as a healing and transformative medicine. At ATMA, we facilitate the legal administration of this innovative therapeutic treatment for Canadians.

Support for end-of-life distress

ATMA facilitates psilocybin-assisted therapy that has been intentionally designed to assist terminally ill patients facing end-of-life anxiety due to cancer or other illnesses.

Mental wellness support

Connect with ATMA to stay informed on the latest research, and to participate in opportunities related to personal health and wellness.

ATMA is Canada's first private therapy company to conduct legal psilocybin therapy through the Health Canada Section 56 Exemption, assisting Canadians facing end-of-life anxiety due to terminal illness. We continue to nurture our partnership with the team at Health Canada, and remain committed to increasing the accessibility of mental healthcare to more and more Canadians in need.

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