Our company name reflects the sacred and personal connection to self that our work facilitates.

ATMA is a love story, built on passion and commitment to making a difference in people’s lives. We exist because we believe that the current approaches to mental and emotional struggles are simply not working.


/from ancient sanskrit:आत्मा
inner essence, breath or soul

Our Vision

A world where each individual is empowered to explore, optimize and heal themselves and their community through evidence-based science and the inner intelligence of psychedelics.

Our Mission

To deliver effective and innovative healing and transformative experiences that awaken the inner healer and allow for a deeper connection with self, with others and with the beauty of our world.

Our Story

ATMA’s birth was inspired by the evident growing need for individuals to find healing and personal growth. By observing the ever increasing evidence that has come out of the extensive research and clinical trials done by many reputable North American Universities and Research Centers, we are committed to advancing the adoption of Psychedelic-assisted Therapy.

Our vision has been further shaped by the understanding of the key role relationships between Therapist and Client play in the continued mental health betterment and growth of the individual. In those relationships is where we see the highest potential of healing work to take place.

Our Team

Our ATMA team brings with them breadth of experience and many accomplishments in business but more importantly it is a collection of professionals deeply devoted to the advancement of Psychedelic Medicine.

Medical Advisory Board

Executive Team

Admin Team

Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Ravinder Bains

Consulting CMO

Dr. Lyle Galloway


Bruce Sanguin


Executive Team

David Harder

Founder, Co-CEO and Board Member

Vu Tran

Founder, Co-CEO and Board Member

Murray Rodgers

Board Member and Advisor

Brad Giblin


Natalie Harder

VP Programming

Sonia Stringer

Therapist Training Director

Admin Team

Tabetha White

Office and Intake Coordinator

Debbie White

Intake Coordinator

Chad Plante

Intake Coordinator

Kandice Wirch

Palliative Care Coordinator

Arlind Hoxha

Marketing and Communications Manager

Genie Nguyen

Digital Media Coordinator
Great Human Beings Required
We’re always looking to add compassionate, experienced and committed professionals to our team as we expand our services and reach.

If you are interested in working with us please get in touch.

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