🎉 Health Canada Provides a No Objection Letter for ATMA’s N500 Phase II Clinical Trial Application


/from ancient sanskrit:आत्मा
inner essence, breath or soul

ATMA was intentionally founded with the goal to support healthcare professionals looking to integrate psychedelic medicine into their practices.

There is a growing body of evidence demonstrating the efficacy of psychedelic compounds and new applications are constantly being studied. Needless to say, here at ATMA, we are committed to advancing this field.

Our mission

To deliver effective and innovative healing and transformative experiences that awaken the inner healer and allow a deeper connection with self and the world.

Our vision

A world where each individual is empowered to explore, optimize and heal themselves and  their community through evidence-based science and the inner intelligence of psychedelics.

Meet our team

At ATMA, our team is driven by a shared dedication and passion for our work. Comprised of experienced industry leaders, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project we undertake.


Dr. Lyle Galloway

Medical Advisor

Bruce Sanguin, Clinical Fellow at CAMFT, Psychotherapist, ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Bruce Sanguin

Clinical Advisor

Rachel Dundas

Rachel Dundas

Clinical Advisor

Jessica van der Hoek

Clinical Advisor

Dr. Monika Hooper

Psychiatry Advisor


Vu Tran

Founder and Board Member, Interim CEO, and CBDO

Dr. Ravi Bains

Chief Medical Officer

Michael Blough

Chief Science Officer

Eli Abergel

Corporate Advisor

Clinical Trials

Jennifer Bennett

Senior Medical Writer

Juan Tellez

Research Coordinator

Kandice Wirch

Clinical Trial Support


Tanya Wigmore

Tanya Wigmore

Marketing Strategist

Tabetha Greco

Program Sales and Business Development

Natalie Bergstrom

VP of Programming

Christine Hart

Community and Program Manager

Matthew Kelemen

Training Events Facilitator

Genie Nguyen

Senior Digital Media Coordinator

Launa Austin

Digital Media Coordinator

Evette Stobo

Human Resources

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We’re always looking to add compassionate, experienced and committed professionals to our team as we expand our services and reach.

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W. Murray Rodgers is a seasoned entrepreneur, company founder and leader, with a world-class track record in the energy sector. As a professional geologist, he has a deep understanding of the intersection between science and capital. Well-versed in the capital markets, both public and private, he played a pivotal role in raising over $1 Billion in capital for his own ventures. An accomplished musician, yoga teacher, and author, Murray’s passion for human development and self-discovery infuses all aspects of his life. Most recently he released a book entitled “The Psychedelic CEO”, based on his own profoundly transformative experiences with the sacred plant medicine Ayahuasca.

Kandice is a Registered Nurse, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and Health Coach; she is passionate about providing education and transformation for those wanting to make changes to their physical, spiritual and emotional health. She is committed to providing support, compassion and safety to her clients as they navigate the path to greater wellbeing. As an experienced nurse and health coach, Kandice has witnessed the value of integration. Personally she has experienced the gift of altered state therapy as she sought to make meaning of loss. She is humbled and blessed to have walked with many on their journey towards health and wellness.

As a strong advocate for accessibility and usability, Genie has the user in mind when designing for others. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Design and is keen to tackle complex design challenges by problem-solving creatively. With over 10 years of design experience, she has developed a passion for UX/UI design.

Dr. Galloway worked in both rural and urban family medicine for a number of years before specializing in Palliative Medicine in 2001. He is past Medical Director of the Intensive Palliative Care Unit at Foothills Hospital in Calgary and currently leads the Pain/Palliative Service at the cancer centre there. During his 11-year term the medical director of the Intensive Palliative Care Unit in Calgary, his actions and leadership inspired an environment of holistic, compassionate care that always honoured patients’ stories. His actions have served as constant reminders that we are not only tasked with looking after patients with end of life medical issues, but that we need to recognize the stories of our patients, and endeavour to contribute to the plot in a meaningful way, however small and humble that contribution may be. Dr. Galloway has completed the Certificate in Psychedelic Assisted Therapies and Research from the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Dr. Bains earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology prior to studying medicine at the University of Manitoba, his home province. He completed a psychiatric residency at Dalhousie University where he went on to complete a fellowship in ISTDP (Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy).

Subsequent to graduating in 2006, he has practiced as an inpatient psychiatrist, as well as a psychotherapist. Dr. Bains has gone on to do both inpatient and outpatient work, as well as practice as a psychotherapist. Currently he is also Chief Medical Officer of Wayfound mental health.

With an Undergraduate degree in Psychology, and a Master’s degree in Psychopharmacology, Jenni has a strong interest in wellness and its relation to the brain. Specifically, despite the numerous medications and therapeutic modalities used in conventional psychopharmacological therapies, there is still a large inconsistency in treatment success. Upon researching the efficacy of psilocybin in treatment-resistant depression, Jenni has been fascinated by the therapeutic effects of psychedelics and is excited to be a part of the psychedelic renaissance.
Jenni has previous experience working as a medical writer in rare pediatric genetic disorder research.

Chad Plante has a passion for personal development and growth, which has taken him down the path of sacred plant medicines, meditation, yoga, and sacred text. He has supported many others on their path with plant medicines, personal growth, and self-reflection and believes that taking personal responsibility, looking at believes and patterns are key ingredients to living a happy and joyful life. Through his experience he deeply supports sacred plant medicines being available to help bring a new and effective model of therapy into reality. He has been a trusted leader for over 15 years in multiple industries and possess a variety of skills to help grow, develop, and support a new emerging industry. He owned and ran a business that focused on marketing, real estate, and investor relation for 5 years. His experience in marketing has brought a unique skill in getting down to the root of what’s truly needed, this has brought great insight to the path moving forward in this new industry.

Debbie’s passion and connection for plants started at a young age while working with her grandma in her plant business in Calgary. She discovered plant medicines almost 20 years ago when she experienced how peppermint essential oil brought her daughter’s fever down naturally. This simple revelation opened a new medicine cabinet, and shortly after, she excitedly joined the team of a holistic health center, expanding her knowledge of alternative healing. In 2010 she backpacked to the jungles of Peru to experience Ayahuasca and discovered firsthand a whole new way that psychedelic plants can help heal the body and work with us. For the last 20+ years, Debbie has worked exclusively with startup and family businesses in diverse industries, expanding on the many pillars any startup requires to grow and thrive. She was a pioneer in legalizing retail cannabis stores in Canada, specializing in community engagement and licensing. Her twin brother, Tony, was ATMA’s first palliative client to be granted a Section 56 Exemption for psilocybin. After witnessing the difference in his mind, body, and spirit, she became more compelled to advocate for psychedelic medicine. Shortly after, she joined the ATMA team and compassionately supports others in palliative conditions to receive this same exemption.

Tabetha White has 20+ years of experience in the personal and professional development industry which has provided her with a real passion for what pre- and post-integration can make possible for people committed to elevating their health and wellbeing. Tabetha has worked closely with hundreds of people to support them in living a fulfilled life and this experience coupled with her personal life circumstances, participating in meditation and yoga retreats, facilitating an ontological approach to performance and leadership training for organizations and the healing ceremonies of sacred plants, provides her with a modern approach to integration. Tabetha currently spends her spare time coaching an online global leadership program with over 500 participants and is passionate about supporting people in elevating their health and wellbeing, seeing integration as an integral part fulfilling on that vision.

Vu has over 20 years of experience as a strategic investor and successful entrepreneur. He has founded, scaled and exited multiple ventures in a variety of markets including real estate, land development, hospitality, entertainment and cannabis. Among his many ventures, Vu built a vape store chain that was cash-flow positive from year one and achieved annual revenues of $5MM, which still operates today.

He also founded and partnered with several different cannabis ventures as the lead business developer and built 37 licensed cannabis stores across Canada that sold at an enterprise sales value of $51,700,000. Vu is deeply involved with and passionate about what psychedelic medicine can bring to Canadians suffering with mental health issues.

David has worked full-time for the past 5 years in researching, advocating and moving the work of non-ordinary state therapy and psychedelic medicine forward in Canada. He co-founded and led Catalyst Presents, a Psychedelic Research Conference, and ATMA Journey Centers, a Canadian non-profit dedicated to bringing psychedelic-assisted therapy to Canadians which was successful in achieving one of Canada’s first modern legal exemptions to undertake psychedelic-assisted work. With a Master’s degree in religious studies and having been both a college professor and international humanitarian relief worker, David has always dedicated himself to the service of others. He brings a deep experience and reverence for psychedelic medicine and believes that it will play a key role in bringing healing to humanity.