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/from ancient sanskrit:ŗ§Üŗ§§ŗ•ćŗ§ģŗ§ĺ
inner essence, breath or soul

Our vision and mission

Our Vision

Advance the use of psychedelics, contributing to the enrichment of the human experience

Our Mission

Deliver innovative training and support to a global community of practitioners, in order to enhance accessibility of psychedelics and cultivate deep connections with oneself, others and the world.

Why choose ATMA

ATMA offers a practitioner-centred approach to the psychedelic industry.  We care about improving the personal and professional lives of healthcare practitioners, as this lays the foundation for delivering effective healthcare for all.

At ATMA, we understand your time constraints, which is why we take a practical approach to supporting the adoption of psychedelic-assisted therapy.  While training and education are important parts of our program, we believe additional guidance is crucial for helping practitioners overcome a steep learning curve and confidently step into offering psychedelic therapy.  We provide a guided path along with support services to take practitioners from training to offering psychedelic therapy to on-the-job learning so you can become an effective psychedelic practitioner.

  • ATMA is building the largest community of psychedelic practitioners. By joining our program, students gain access to a vast network of like minded professionals.
  • Practice regulation and guidelines support
  • Our world-class courses are led by industry leaders, who provide both theory based and hands-on components.
  • Our training program is continuously updated to include the latest clinical data coming out of this evolving field as well as regulations in all jurisdictions. Students will be kept well informed with access to the program in perpetuity.
  • Our alumni resource library contains valuable content that will keep you learning and updated in the field of psychedelic therapy as it develops.
  • We serve a global community with training in multiple languages.
  • We provide students with the opportunity to participate in ATMA‚Äôs clinical trials as approved by Health Canada. Through this experience, students gain and provide invaluable insights and data to the community from the perspective of the practitioner.
  • ATMA alumni will be able to list themselves on a global directory of psychedelic practitioners for the public to search and also for peers to network.
  • Our unique self-care and introspection program is a crucial component for practitioners to optimize their effectiveness in delivering psychedelic therapy.
  • ATMA is actively building a network of clinic facilities where our community can access dosage services upon legalization and participate in psychedelic-assisted therapy within your current practice.
About us

Meet our team

At ATMA, our team is driven by a shared dedication, passion and purpose for our work. Together with experienced industry leaders and experts, we aim to live up to our mission mandate.


Dr. Lyle Galloway

Medical Advisor

Bruce Sanguin

Clinical Advisor

Rachel Dundas

Rachel Dundas‚Äč

Clinical Advisor

Dr. Monika Hooper‚Äč

Psychiatry Advisor

Eli Abergel‚Äč

Corporate Advisor

Reverdi Darda‚Äč

Administrative Advisor

Jacque Lovely‚Äč

Administrative Advisor


Vu Tran‚Äč

Founder & CEO

Michael Blough‚Äč


Juan Tellez‚Äč

General Vice President

Clinical Trials

Dr. Ravi Bains‚Äč

Qualified Investigator

Jennifer Bennett‚Äč

Senior Medical Writer


Tanya Wigmore

Tanya Wigmore‚Äč

Marketing Strategist

Tabetha Greco‚Äč

Program Sales and Business Development

Christine Hart‚Äč

Community and Program Manager

Genie Nguyen‚Äč

Senior Digital Media Coordinator

Matthew Kelemen‚Äč

Training Events Facilitator

Evette Stobo‚Äč

Human Resources

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