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/from ancient sanskrit:आत्मा
inner essence, breath or soul

Our Mission

Deliver innovative training and support to a global community of practitioners, in order to enhance accessibility of psychedelics and cultivate deep connections with oneself, others and the world.

Our Vision

Advance the safe use of psychedelics, contributing to the enrichment of the human experience.

Why choose ATMA?

ATMA prioritizes healthcare practitioners in the evolving field of psychedelic therapy. Our program ensures effective training, ongoing support, access to a global network of practitioners, and access to an authorized network of psychedelic treatment delivery clinics. With industry-led courses, lifetime learning resources, and a unique self-care program, we prepare practitioners for success in this dynamic field.

Online Training by Top Industry Leaders

Engage in online training sessions led by esteemed industry leaders in psychedelic assisted therapy. Gain insights, techniques, and expertise from the forefront of this evolving field.

In-Person Practice

Complement your online training with hands-on, in-person practice opportunities. Apply your learning in real-life scenarios and refine your skills under guided supervision and mentorship.

Access to Clinic Network

ATMA Cena is at the forefront of transforming network clinics into pivotal service hubs across Canada in anticipation of the imminent arrival of Psychedelic-assisted Therapy (PaT). ATMA alumni gain access to licensed clinical facilities, patient, practitioner and clinic referrals, and more support services!

Support for Professional Practice

Receive continuous support tailored to help seamlessly integrate psychedelic-assisted therapy into your professional practice. Stay updated on evolving regulations and receive guidance for effective implementation, ensuring a smooth and ethical incorporation of this therapeutic approach.

Community and Directory

Access a thriving community and comprehensive directory of psychedelic practitioners. Connect, collaborate, and grow within a network of like-minded professionals, fostering learning and mutual support.


Understanding the vital role of self-care for physicians, we prioritize and provide support for your well-being, acknowledging its significance in maintaining a healthy and balanced professional life.

Empowering professionals in psychedelic-assisted therapy and beyond

Specializing in comprehensive training for healthcare professionals, ATMA offers curated online courses led by industry experts. Beyond theoretical learning, our curriculum integrates practical in-person training, prioritizing therapist well-being through a dedicated self-care program. Our commitment extends to ongoing support services, providing a holistic approach for a fulfilling career in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy.

Meet our team

At ATMA, our team is driven by a shared dedication, passion and purpose for our work. Together with experienced industry leaders and experts, we aim to live up to our mission mandate.

Vu Tran

Founder & CEO

Juan Tellez

Vice President

Natalie Bergstrom

Vice President of Programming

Michael Blough

Chief Science Officer

Mariana Tellez

Marketing & Business Operations

Lauri Comoli

Marketing Strategist & Student Support

Diane Turner

Clinical Trial Manager

Jenni Bennett

Clinical Research Scientist

Michelle Salt

Program Advisor

Matthew Kelemen

Training Events Facilitator

Dr. Simon Ruffell

Clinical Protocol Advisor

Zachary Riddell

Technical Support & Clinic Contracting

Julia Manser White

Finance/Payroll Administrator

Dr. Lyle Galloway

Medical Advisor

Bruce Sanguin

Clinical Advisor

Jessica van der Hoek​

Clinical Advisor

Ravi Bains

Qualified Investigator

Rachel Dundas

Clinical Advisor

Eli Abergel

Corporate Advisor

Reverdi Darda​

Administrative Advisor

Jacque Lovely

Administrative Advisor

Patrizia Giampaolo​

Clinical Advisor

Dr. Monika Hooper

Psychiatry Advisor