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ATMA Advanced Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy (PaT) Certification Program

We offer a practical and affordable approach to education and training to become psychedelic therapy providers in Canada and beyond. Through a world-class didactic curriculum, in-person coaching, and participation in a Health Canada-approved clinical trial, students will be able to embody the roles of both the psychedelic guide and the participant, allowing for the students to gain an understanding of the medicine from multiple perspectives. Get started today in our advanced psychedelic facilitator training program!

Now accepting registrations for April!

Our January class is full and begins January 6, 2023.

We are now accepting registrations for our April class. 


Why take ATMA psychedelic therapy training now?

Psychedelic therapy is quickly becoming recognized as a ”breakthrough therapy” around the world. Since being declared as such by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for treatment of severe depression. Trained psychedelic facilitators are needed across location in Canada and soon in the U.S. in Oregon and possibly Colorado.

In 2018, close to 100 North American academic institutions have established psychedelic research divisions that conduct clinical trials, including Yale, UC Berkeley, Imperial College in London and Mount Sinai Hospital.

Psychedelic medicines are on the cusp of regulatory approval. In November 2020, Oregon voted to become the first U.S. state to legalize supervised psilocybin therapy services in controlled and professionally facilitated settings. Licensing for psilocybin services will begin in January 2023, paving the way for mental healthcare professionals to offer psilocybin-assisted therapy. Colorado is expected to vote on similar measures in November 2022. There are legislative and regulatory proposals in 15 other states that seek to allow for psychedelic-assisted therapy to be practiced in some measure. Canadian officials and institutions continue to work towards regulatory approval in Canada.

As regulatory approval is achieved, the demand for quality training programs will quickly outstrip the supply. With Oregon’s legalization just months away, and Colorado on the heels of Oregon, hundreds of mental healthcare professionals in and around those states will be seeking training in a relatively short period of time. By taking your psychedelic therapy training now and staying current with the conversations, you uniquely position yourself to provide psychedelic-assisted therapy ethically and competently. 


Clinical Trials

ATMA is the only education and training provider who has successfully conducted a clinical trial and who has also repeatedly been approved by Health Canada to carry out further clinical trial phases.

The opportunity for our students to cross participate in our psilocybin clinical trials (should they meet clinical trial requirements) and to gain experience in psychedelic medicines under the scientific standards of a clinical setting cannot be understated.

The clinical trial data, in addition to the sharing of experiences between hundreds of mental health professionals within our community, may very well be the most valuable and priceless parts of our program. Clinical insights coming from the perspective of professionals regarding the utility of psychedelic therapy is crucial for therapists to have as a reference in order to provide effective psychedelic therapy themselves.


Clinical Trial Eligibility Criteria of Participants

This eligibility criteria is based on Health Canada requirements, and serves to protect the health and safety of the participants and ensure that the study objectives are met.


Importance of Introspection and Self-Care

Research has demonstrated that individuals in helping professions are highly susceptible to compassion fatigue and occupational burnout. Compassion fatigue, also referred to as secondary or vicarious trauma, occurs as a result of prolonged exposure to other people’s trauma, resulting in reduced empathy and compassion for others due to emotional and physical exhaustion. Occupational burnout is a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress, and is characterized by fatigue, emotional exhaustion, negative feelings related to one’s job, and decreased feelings of personal accomplishment. Compassion fatigue and burnout are detrimental to both the professional and their clients; in addition to reduced clinical effectiveness for clients, Delgadillo, Saxon, & Barkham (2018) suggest compassion fatigue and burnout are associated with poorer physical and mental health outcomes for therapists, as well as reports of therapist misconduct.

It can be argued that therapist self-care is even more important amongst psychedelic therapists, as these medicines place clients in highly vulnerable emotional states involving alterations in time, perception, and consciousness. Additionally, ethical concerns such as transference and countertransference are more prevalent phenomena with this type of medicine work. In order to minimize the risks associated with negative outcomes, therapist wellness is of the utmost importance.

ATMA has self-care education and workshop activities integrated into this program and we strongly emphasize its importance to those looking to provide psychedelic-assisted therapy.


Supporting you to take the steps towards offering safe and effective psychedelic-assisted therapy

Our approach to education and training involves expanding the number of mental healthcare providers who are able to provide PaT as quickly as possible. 

We offer psychedelic therapy training that is clinically relevant, and while we provide academic and philosophical knowledge that is required to safely and ethically practice in this field, we believe this cannot replace the experience that is gained from hands-on training.  

This course is open to anyone who is interested in PaT. Those looking to act as both a psychedelic therapist or a psychedelic facilitator (guide) are welcomed to register; both roles can benefit from this course. However, this psychedelic therapy course is not intended to train mental healthcare professionals to be facilitators, nor facilitators to be therapy providers, although the choice would be yours based on your preference and the regulatory options available.

Ongoing support

We believe that on-the-job learning is equally as important as front-end education and training in the competency development of psychedelic therapists. 

Our commitment in guiding you in the adoption of PaT does not stop after our education and training courses end.​​ We design and streamline systems, networks, and infrastructure to support mental healthcare professionals and therapy providers through the entire process of adopting psychedelic-assisted therapy into practice. ​ 

With our Community Business Platform, therapy providers can feel supported, and will have all the resources required to adopt and provide psychedelic-assisted therapy. 


Here's what's included in our advanced psychedelic training program


View the lesson plan

The Advanced Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy (PaT) Training Course curriculum builds on the basic information and principles taught in the ATMA Introduction to PaT. The Advanced PaT Training Course will prepare you both for being a facilitator for those requesting a psychedelic therapeutic session, as well as for the preparation and/or integration of clients who may come to you for help with a psychedelic experience outside of your care.

Unit 1 - Fundamentals of Psychedelics

Topics include Definitions of Psychedelics, Overview of the different Psychedelic compounds, Traditions and History, Contemporary History and Research, Pharmacology, Drug Interactions and Adverse Events, and Microdosing Research

Topics include Indigenous Perspectives, Access for Diverse and Under-privileged Populations, Cultural Implications, Current Regulatory Status of Psychedelics.

Topics explore Psychedelic Expanded States of Consciousness as well as Non-Psychedelic Expanded States of Consciousness, Comparison/Contrast of Psilocybin and MDMA Experiences and Outcomes.

Unit 2 - Fundamentals of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Topics include Core Competencies, Presence/Empathy/Humility/Non-Directive Support, Principles of Facilitation, Self-Care for the Facilitator.

Topics include Ethics Guidelines and Considerations, Diverse Group Considerations, Consent/Boundaries and Appropriate Touch, Consent/Boundary Considerations for Psilocybin and MDMA PaT, Harm Reduction in Challenging Situations and Adverse Events.

Topics include the Overview of “Set”, Screening for Safe and Optimal Experiences, Preparing the Client for PaT, Effective Modalities for Preparing the Client.

Topics explore the importance of the Physical, Social and Cultural Environment, Elements of the Treatment Spaces, the Role of Music, and Individual vs Group Experiences.

Topics cover the Importance of Integration, Integration Models, Individual and Group Integration Considerations.

Topic explore Choosing the correct Psychedelic for the Client, Addressing issues including Addictions, PTSD, Palliative Care, Depression and Anxiety, Relationship Counselling, and Leadership/Personal Awareness/Enhancement.

Topics will explore Complementary Modalities to PaT with Specialists


Janis Phelps, PhD, Professor CIIS, ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Janis Phelps

PhD, Professor CIIS

Jane Cooper, Psychotherapist, ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Jane Cooper


Mike Mathers, Addictions and Trauma Therapist, ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Mike Mathers

Addictions and Trauma Therapist

Anthony Bossis, PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry NYU, ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Anthony Bossis

PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry NYU

Dr. Saundra Jain, MA, PsyD, LPC, Psychotherapist, ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Dr. Saundra Jain

MA, PsyD, LPC, Psychotherapist

Trevor Millar, Board Member, Canadian Psychedelic Association, ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Trevor Millar

Board Member, Canadian Psychedelic Association

Devon Christie, Clinical Instructor, UBC, Family Physician, , ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Devon Christie

Clinical Instructor, UBC, Family Physician

Mark Haden, VP of Clearmind Medicine, Adjunct Prof., UBC, ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Mark Haden

VP of Clearmind Medicine, Adjunct Prof., UBC

Dr. Rakesh Jain, Psychiatrist, ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Dr. Rakesh Jain


Bruce Sanguin, Clinical Fellow at CAMFT, Psychotherapist, ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Bruce Sanguin

Clinical Fellow at CAMFT, Psychotherapist


Full experiential curriculum price and payment plan options

We are now accepting registrations for our April class.

One-time payment  

$4197 USD

The ATMA Advanced Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Certification (PaT) Program consists of 3 components

***Equivalent US training programs NOT including experiential component range between $8,000 – $12,000 USD​

ATMA Advanced PaT Training Course

Online lessons, assignments, quizzes (60 hours)

ATMA Advanced Intensive Coaching Training

In-person (30 hours)

ATMA Advanced Experiential Training

In-person (30 hours)


$4197 USD

Upon completion of all 3 components, graduates will be offered the ATMA Experiential Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Certification.

4 monthly payments 

$1099 USD / month

4x monthly payments



$4396 USD
Early bird discount 20% off
We understand that many healthcare professionals wishing to use Oregons Psilocybin Services to begin practicing in 2023 may not be able to access the in-person coaching and experiential portion of the ATMA Advanced PaT Certification Program and so this option was created to allow you to pragmatically integrate Oregon’s legal framework of psilocybin facilitation services into your practice. This option offers everything the full Advance Psychedelic Therapy course offers except for the in person training and clinical trial participation. You will receive all the benefits of being in our community, including directory listing, services on our platform and self care program.

One-time payment  

$2897 USD

This Advanced Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Certification (PaT) Program consists of 2 components.

***Equivalent US training programs range between $8,000 – $12,000 USD

ATMA Advanced PaT Training Course

Online lessons, assignments, quizzes (60 hours)

Oregon Focused Modules

Online lessons, assignments, quizzes (10 hours)


$2897 USD

Upon completion, graduates will be offered the ATMA Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Certification.

3 monthly payments 

$1047 USD / month

3x monthly payments



$3141 USD


Hear what our students have to say

"This beautifully facilitated experience allowed me to witness firsthand the power of this medicine to bring us back into connection with ourselves, with each other, and with the world around us. I am most grateful for this opportunity and trust that this experience will serve as the path forward towards wider access for healthcare professionals."

ATMA Clinical Trial Participant/Therapist

August 2022

"Being able to experience psilocybin provides a profound impact in being able to support clients through their own experiences.  To be able to provide the general public this type of experience, I believe, will revolutionize the mental health crisis we are currently in."

ATMA Clinical Trial Participant/Therapist

August 2022

"My personal experience through this trial showed me the incredible potential healing and life-changing capabilities of this medicine alongside the importance of those administering these medicines to have hand this experience for themselves..  Psilocybin brings us to a place that is ineffable but offers true healing potential."

ATMA Clinical Trial Participant/Therapist

August 2022


Questions about our Advanced PaT Certification Program?

Please reach out to use if your question is not addressed on this page. We are available via phone or email.

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Ready to get started?

Our January class is full and begins January 6, 2023.

We are now accepting registrations for our April class.

Yes, all our offerings are open to Canadians and Americans, including training, clinical trial and business services. This is a great opportunity to be prepared when Oregon psychedelic therapy laws go into effect in 2023 and with new Colorado psychedelic therapy regulations on the horizon.

Health Canada is slowly opening the door for patient access to psilocybin and MDMA for therapy purposes. This psychedelic guide certification program will provide qualified therapy providers with an understanding of these medicines, and will equip them with the leading-edge therapy protocols necessary to practice legal psychedelic-assisted therapy in the near future.

Therapy providers interested in how this psychedelic facilitator training program can allow them to participate in the upcoming Oregon legal framework for Psilocybin Services in 2023, please see Oregon Services.

Psychedelic therapy clinical trials will be held at various clinics across Canada, currently being planned for Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.

While our psychedelic therapy students in Canada are encouraged to participate in the clinical trial (an important element of working with psychedelics is to have first-hand experience with the medicine), we understand that some students may have contraindications to psilocybin, or do not meet the other inclusion/exclusion criteria of the trial, and are thus unable to partake in the experiential session.

Nonetheless, students will still be able to embody the role of the psychedelic guide and learn how to effectively guide others through their psychedelic journeys.

Yes, please contact us for more information on your eligibility.