CALGARY, March 19, 2024 – A revolutionary step in mental health care is now underway through the collaboration between ATMA Journey Centers Inc. (“ATMA”), Cena Life Inc., and other partners across Canada, collectively known as ATMA CENA Psychedelic Healthcare Solutions (PHS). This collaborative is thrilled to announce a landmark move by Alberta Blue Cross to begin covering psychedelic-assisted therapy (PaT) in Alberta effective immediately. This pivotal decision by Alberta Blue Cross marks a monumental leap forward in advancing access to cutting-edge mental health solutions for Albertans.

In a pioneering move, Alberta Blue Cross has become the first insurance provider in Canada to embrace PaT within its health coverage options. This groundbreaking decision is a testament to the visionary leadership of Alberta Blue Cross, who has bravely ventured beyond traditional healthcare models to support essential, innovative care. This initiative not only serves the organizations supported by Blue Cross but profoundly impacts the lives of individuals across Alberta, providing them with much-needed access to advanced therapeutic options.

The current era witnesses a rising tide of mental health issues, with a significant impact on both short-term and long-term well-being. Addressing these challenges head-on, the inclusion of PaT in insurance coverage is a game-changing development that reflects a deep commitment to enhancing access. Initially focusing on ketamine-assisted therapy, this coverage is designed to evolve, and will expand to include psilocybin and MDMA once they are legalized for therapy in Canada. This shift not only alleviates the financial burden on individuals seeking these therapies but also signifies a major shift in the acceptance of PaT as a vital tool in mental health management.

With Alberta Blue Cross providing coverage to nearly half of the Alberta population, this initiative has the potential to reshape the landscape of mental health care, especially for healthcare professionals and first responders who face heightened psychological stress and trauma. The inclusivity of this coverage extends to group, workplace, and individual plans, ensuring broad access to transformative care.

Reverdi Darda, CEO states, “this sets a precedent and challenges all other health insurers in Canada to be as visionary and strategic as Alberta Blue Cross, by looking at the financial benefit of providing this coverage, in addition to the incredible impact it will have on the Canadians whose mental health and well-being they support”

The ATMA CENA network of clinics, with their rigorously designed psychedelic therapy programs, stands ready to support eligible individuals under this new coverage. These programs are meticulously aligned with Alberta Blue Cross’s coverage criteria, ensuring seamless access to these transformative therapies.

About ATMA Journey Centers Inc.:

Dedicated to uplifting the mental health profession, ATMA is at the forefront of integrating psychedelic-assisted therapy into healthcare. By focusing on education, training, clinical trials, and the development of a clinic network, ATMA is cultivating the largest community of psychedelic practitioners. Their approach prioritizes healthcare providers, laying a solid foundation for enhanced participation, accessibility, and the delivery of safe, effective care.

About Cena Life:

Cena Life stands at the intersection of science and nature, offering innovative mental health care solutions that honor holistic wellness. Their approach combines evidence-based psychedelic therapies with traditional healing wisdom, promoting a harmonious blend of science, tradition, and culture. Supported by a dedicated interdisciplinary team, Cena Life is committed to providing personalized care journeys, aiming to transform the mental health care landscape with accessible, groundbreaking therapies.

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