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Alberta Regulations

Alberta Psychedelic Assisted
Therapy Regulations

On January 16, 2023, Alberta adopted regulatory requirements, rules and guidelines for psychedelic assisted therapy.  These regulations are in place but are not in effect until psychedelics are deemed legal for therapy at the federal level.

Alberta’s regulations emphasize standards of training for all healthcare professionals who wish to participate in the field of psychedelics and this will likely be the case for all provinces as they roll out their regulations.    

Our focus is to support all healthcare professionals interested in psychedelic assisted therapy to be able to participate.  If you have questions on these regulations and how you can participate, join any of our monthly Live Webinar Information Session where all Q&As are welcome.

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Requirements in Alberta

Alberta’s new regulations have several administrative and service requirements for those who want to participate in the field of psychedelics.

Administrative requirements for all licensed providers:

  • Apply for and hold a licence under the Mental Health Services Protection Act.
  • Appoint a psychiatrist as medical director
  • Develop and maintain written policies, procedures and records
  • Report on service utilization and complaints
  • Ensure critical incident reporting and response
  • Ensure staff meet qualifications and training requirements

Service requirements for psychedelic assisted therapy:

  • Prescription by a psychiatrist or physician in consult is required
  • Administration must take place at medical facilities/clinic only, except for end-of-life care
  • No self-administration and no direct dispensation/sale to a patient
  • Rules about monitoring/care when in an altered state apply
  • Qualifications to provide psychotherapy are required
  • The provider must comply with the other rules in the Standards

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy & Psychedelic Prescriber Training

ATMA provides psychedelic assisted therapy training for all categories of participants as described by Alberta’s psychedelic therapy regulations. We currently offer training for those who wish to facilitate psychedelic experience sessions, those offering therapy assisted by psychedelics and those who are interested in prescribing psychedelics

Alberta Psychedelics Rules and Guidelines

Below are some of the key rules and guidelines that are part of the new psychedelics regulations in Alberta as of January 16, 2023.

Prescribers must ensure all prescriptions provide the following information:

  • Direction respecting the quantity of the drug that may be dispensed or sold at any one time and the intervals of time required between each dispensation or sale
  • Information about the dosage and whether the drug is to be used in the context of psychedelic

Where psychedelic assisted psychotherapy is being provided:

  • A psychedelic drug cannot be dispensed or sold directly to a patient.
  • Only an authorized regulated health professional can administer a psychedelic drug and it must take place at the facility listed on the licence of a licensed service provider, a hospital, or an accredited medical facility. An exception to the location of administration exists for end-of-life patients.
  • Authorized regulated health professionals or other approved individuals must monitor, treat and care for the patient while in an altered state of consciousness.

Providers of psychedelic assisted psychotherapy must either be psychiatrists, clinical psychologists or regulated health professionals authorized to perform the restricted activity of psychosocial intervention who meet a standard of qualifications or experience and are members of one of the following regulatory colleges:

  • Alberta College of Occupational Therapists
  • College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta
  • College of Alberta Psychologists
  • College of Registered Nurses of Alberta
  • College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Alberta
  • Alberta College of Social Workers

A medical director who is a psychiatrist must be appointed by the licensed service provider to oversee all clinically related aspects of the licensed services.

Learn more about psychedelic assisted therapy in Alberta

Interested in psychedelic assisted therapy in Alberta and have questions? Join any of our monthly Live Webinar Information Session where all Q&As are welcome.

Alberta Psychedelics Regulations FAQs

What are the training requirements to offer psychedelic services in Alberta?

While Alberta’s regulations emphasize standards of training for all healthcare professionals who wish to participate in the field of psychedelics, specific requirements have not yet been identified.

Does ATMA’s training program meet Alberta’s standards?

ATMA’s training programs was designed to meet the highest psychedelic therapy training standards of the industry where training standards are specified. If Alberta’s standards vary from the established standards of other regions, ATMA’s training programs will be updated to reflect those standards and meet the highest requirements across North America.

When can we start practicing psychedelic assisted therapy in Alberta?

The release of the regulations, rules and guidelines on January 16, 2023 is an important first step towards offering psychedelic assisted therapy, but it is not the only step.
We do not yet have an official date that psychedelic assisted therapy can legally be practiced in Alberta but completing your training programs now will ensure you’re ready to go when that date arrives.

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