CALGARY, ABApril 11, 2024 /CNW/ – ATMA Journey Centers Inc. (“ATMA”), a pioneering Canadian company with a primary focus on advancing innovative psychedelic-assisted therapy (PaT) solutions, is pleased to announce the expansion of its training program. This expansion includes a significant increase in in-person clinical training opportunities, as well as the bridging of training and clinical practice initiatives.

Since 2021, ATMA has been committed to providing training to therapists and practitioners globally, aiming to foster greater participation in the field of PaT. However, beyond training, ATMA’s overarching vision has always been to equip therapists and practitioners with the essential infrastructure needed to deliver psychedelic-assisted therapy effectively following their training.

With the impending legalization of MDMA-assisted therapy (MaT), ATMA acknowledges the scarcity of trained therapists in Canada capable of effectively delivering MaT. Consequently, ATMA has launched its in-person clinical training workshop on MDMA-assisted therapy utilizing the MAPS protocol, commencing in May 2024. Two limited-seating sessions are scheduled as follows:

  • ATMA CENA Clinic Calgary, Alberta – May 25-26, 2024
  • ATMA CENA Clinic London, Ontario – June 22-23, 2024

Dates and locations for Fall 2024 sessions will be announced ahead of summer.

The MDMA in-person clinical training will be led by Dr. Scott Shannon, a principal investigator in MAPS clinical trials and a pioneering figure in MDMA-assisted therapy since the late 1970s. Assisting him is Jason Sienknecht, a MAPS-trained therapist with experience in MAPS clinical trials. Both are co-founders of the Psychedelic Research and Training Institute (PRATI) in Colorado.

Dr. Scott Shannon’s Wholeness Centre, currently in the process of becoming a Lykos/MAPS authorized facility for MaT delivery, will also provide consultation to ATMA CENA on preparing Canadian clinics for MaT readiness ahead of legalization. ATMA CENA will receive comprehensive guidance on optimizing MaT clinically and operationally.

ATMA’s commitment extends beyond training to facilitating legal avenues for students to practice psychedelic-assisted therapy. With the expansion of legal PaT on the horizon to include MDMA and psilocybin, ATMA is in a position to provide students with a seamless transition from training to clinical practice. In tandem with the development of ATMA’s training to practice initiative, ATMA CENA is establishing a clinic network and infrastructure for ATMA students who meet regulatory and competency standards to commence PaT delivery in safe, above-ground clinical facilities. With over a dozen planned ATMA CENA clinic network sites for 2024, and continued rapid growth, the majority of ATMA students can anticipate access to PaT clinics for practice within their locality either this year or the next.

Vu Tran, CEO of ATMA, affirms that “bridging training and practice is ATMA’s vision for this industry.” However, Tran emphasizes the importance of ensuring accessibility for independent practitioners, as they represent a vital resource pool necessary for ensuring more patient accessibility to PaT. 

Therapists and practitioners interested in ATMA’s MaT Clinical Training Workshop and or how to deliver PaT in collaboration with an ATMA CENA clinic can contact us in the links.

We care about improving the lives and practices of healthcare professionals.
ATMA is pioneering a healthcare practitioners-centered business model for the psychedelic industry. Through education, training, clinical trials, support services, and developing a network of clinics, we are building and supporting the largest community of psychedelic practitioners in adopting psychedelic- assisted therapy. Our philosophy to begin with the healthcare provider, will lay a foundation for higher participation, increased accessibility, advanced clinical care, and the safe, effective delivery of psychedelic-assisted therapy.

SOURCE ATMA Journey Centers Inc

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