CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, January 18, 2023 / — ATMA Journey Centers Inc. (“ATMA”), Canada’s leading psychedelic-assisted therapy training provider, is pleased to announce it will be offering the first psychedelic training program highly focused on psilocybin and MDMA, designed for physicians and prescribers. As Alberta rolls out its regulatory framework for psychedelic assisted therapy, support for physicians and prescribers who are new to this field will be essential to ensure quality care for patients.

Up to now, psychedelic therapy has largely been in the attention realm of therapy providers like psychologists and clinical counselors and as a result, training programs have traditionally been designed for and revolve around the therapy provider. Alberta’s new legal framework for psychedelic assisted therapy shifts this focus by designating physicians and psychiatrists to evaluate if patients are candidates for psychedelic treatment.

“There are just a handful of physicians and psychiatrists across Canada that have had clinical experience working with psilocybin or MDMA, medicines which can be night and day from, for instance, ketamine”. ATMA Chief Medical Officer and psychiatrist Ravi Bains explains “understanding the depth of these psychedelics and their therapeutic effects is crucial for the role psychiatrists and doctors are being asked to play in Alberta’s framework”.

“Alberta regulations clearly states the need for education and training of all practitioners involved in the psychedelic assisted therapy framework including physicians and psychiatrists, and ATMA is excited to be a top training provider to support this regulatory framework” adds David Harder CEO and Founder of ATMA “our multiple training programs are curated to be inclusive of all healthcare professionals that will be allowed to participate in psychedelic assisted therapy in Alberta’s regulatory framework”

“Additionally with Health Canada pursuing the path of clinical trials for psychedelics, the likely outcome for legal psilocybin use for therapy will be an assignment of a Drug Identification Number (DIN), which will require physicians and prescribers involvement in all Canadian provinces for psychedelic assisted therapy” Harder states “we believe it is critical for physicians and prescribers to become more educated and involved in the psychedelic assisted therapy space as more patients will be asking questions and you will want to have the knowledge to answer those questions confidently”.

Physician or psychiatrist involvement in psychedelic assisted therapy may be prioritized as but not limited to, looking at patients’ history for potential red flags like pre-existing mental disorders where psychedelics may exacerbate or not help the condition, as well as ensuring that the mixing of psychedelics with current medications will not cause potential harm or adverse affects. It is also important for physicians and psychiatrists to understand the dynamics of psychedelic assisted therapy to better understand the full extent of who and why a patient may need this treatment beyond the fact that it is safe for them to have it.

ATMA is the leader in psychedelic assisted therapy training, the only training provider to have gathered real life protocol experiences through conducting legal psilocybin assisted therapy for palliative care patients and has been leading clinical trials with healthcare professionals over the past two years. ATMA is working to add MDMA clinical trials to increase its scope of psychedelic understanding further. With psychedelic assisted therapy just barely emerging in the medical space there are few, if any, training providers with the depth of experience in legal psychedelic therapy as ATMA.

ATMA’s recently approved N500 Phase II Clinical Trial for healthcare professionals suffering from anxiety, depression, and occupational burnout arising from Covid-19 provides the opportunity for healthcare professionals including physicians and psychiatrists from both Canada and the United States to cross participate between the clinical trial and provide training on the use of psychedelics for therapy purposes.

The Psychedelic Training for Physicians and Prescribers course is now open for registration. This course is eligible for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits. Register for the course here: Physicians and Prescriber Program.

We care about improving the lives and practices of mental healthcare professionals.

ATMA is pioneering a therapist-centred and therapist-driven business model for the psychedelic industry.

Education, training, clinical trials, and business support services in the largest online community platform for psychedelic practitioners are all being developed to assist mental healthcare professionals in adopting psychedelic-assisted therapy.

ATMA provides a clear, guided path for healthcare professionals and clinics to build psychedelic-assisted therapies into their current practices.

Vu Tran
ATMA Journey
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