Catalyst Summit 2022 Canada’s conference on psychedelic medicine on May 20-22, 2022

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Have you heard of the Catalyst Summit 2022 happening on May 20-22. ATMA is proud to be a presenting sponsor of this event. As a thank you to our healthcare professionals for investing in yourselves and your clients to move this therapy forward, we are offering you a 30% discount off the regular price of the conference!

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About Canada’s Premier Conference Dedicated to Psychedelic Medicine

The third annual Catalyst Summit is Canada’s premiere annual conference dedicated to psychedelic medicine and its growing role in medicine, society, and commerce. The conference is held at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, and can also be attended virtually from anywhere. 

This year, there’s an impressive group of speakers and a schedule packed full of enlightening and informative topics all around psychedelics used in medicine. Take a look at some exciting things you can expect from this year’s event.

  • 50+ world leading experts are lined up to come and share insight into the latest research and science in psychedelics.
  • An overview of current and pending legislative and regulatory changes that are rapidly occurring within Canada and around the world. Plus hear from Health Canada during a panel discussion.
  • A range of perspectives on the therapeutic and medicinal uses and benefits of psychedelics with an emphasis on addressing mental and emotional health issues.
  • Exposure to some of Canada’s leading companies and organizations that are building the foundation for Canada’s psychedelic revolution in 2022 and beyond.
  • Historical context and background of different psychedelic compounds and elements, including Psilocybin, MDMA, Ketamine, LSD, Ayahuasca, 5Meo-DMT, Iboga, and others

Featured Event Speakers: VETS Founders Marcus and Amber

Speakers Marcus and Amber Capone, founder of VETS, will share their story about how they started an organization to help treat veterans with PTSD and traumatic brain injury through psychedelic therapy. VETS is an organization that provides resources, research, and advocacy for U.S. veterans seeking healing through psychedelic-assisted therapy alternatives in response to the growing veteran healthcare and suicide crises. Learn more about these speakers and their session on Saturday, May 21.

Learn More and Get Tickets

Attendees of the event will have access to keynote presentations, panel discussions, networking events, and more. If you are a healthcare professional in the field of psychedelic medicine or you want to learn more about it, this is the event you don’t want to miss. Get your tickets today!

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