In the Blue Zone of the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Our exceptional oceanfront property in Costa Rica provides the perfect environment to heal, transform and connect with nature.

Located within one of the world's five recognized "Blue Zones" and nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Costa Rican jungle, ATMA AZUL Journey Center brings the perfect harmony of nature, healing, community, and transformation that will enable deep and lasting change.

Step onto the ATMA AZUL Ocean Resort property and you’ll immediately gain a sense of peace and connection to Mother Earth.  Surrounded by the magic of Costa Rica’s extraordinary ocean and jungle,  you’ll begin a transformational experience that will give you the space, time and support to fully immerse in the sacred medicine and practices that are delivered with compassion and reverence.

Your mind, body and spirit will be nourished with everything you need, allowing you to focus solely on the personal and meaningful journey that you come to undertake.  Our private sanctuary takes you away from the world and creates a nurturing and compassionate environment that allows you to explore your own healing, transformation, community support and development.

The ATMA AZUL Journey Center features transformative work incorporating ancient plant medicines, along with a range of legal psychedelic-assisted therapies and healing modalities.

Our plant medicine ceremonies and services are guided by deeply experienced plant medicine elders of ancient cultural lineage who have assisted in manifesting the program’s vision, operations and safety protocols.

ATMA AZUL will provide an immersive experience in which you are able to experience the deeply spiritual and expanding work that has been incorporated into human potential for thousands of years in traditional indigenous cultures. Your journey will be a curated experience that takes place as part of multi-day experiences, ceremonies, and retreats.

Leave the world behind for just a while, and do the work that you've been called to do.

Take in a spectacular sunset from our beach front property, and enjoy a gentle walk through the awe-inspiring jungle that brings you back to nature.  Enjoy beautifully appointed suites that feature a variety of special touches for your comfort.  ATMA AZUL is about connection and pursuing a life of abundance, health and compassion, and you’ll leave our Journey Center with a deeper connection to your authentic self and a clear vision of the extraordinary life ahead that is yours.

Intention is at the core of each Journey Center we operate, and we create spaces that are conducive to healing and expansion. At the AZUL Journey Center, you'll feel the sacred connection to the earth, water and sky, and the work of the medicine begins before any ceremony commences.

When you come to ATMA AZUL, you’ll benefit from:

  • working safely with the ancient wisdom of plant medicines that has been used by indigenous cultures for thousands of years to manifest deep healing, awareness, connection and spiritual expansion
  • luxury accommodations that provide all the necessary comforts for your stay, including a number of special touches that have been crafted to optimize your experience and make your time with us memorable
  • a serene, peaceful setting with the inspiring Pacific Ocean as your backdrop, surrounded by the stunning ecological magic of the Costa Rican jungle.  Drawing on nature is a key element of the ATMA Experience, as we believe that reconnecting and aligning with nature is a core component of deep healing and transformation
  • connecting with others on their path, forming relationships in healthy community that will continue long after you have returned home
  • comprehensive approaches to healing that feature a variety of related healing modalities including breathwork, yoga, meditation, water therapy (cold and hot plunges) and other supportive integrative approaches


A 7 - Day Retreat at the ATMA AZUL Journey Center

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