Calgary Psychedelic Journey Center

Alberta's FIRST Full-service
Psychedelic-assisted Therapy Facility

Designed to provide a full range of Psychedelic-assisted Therapy and support services, our unique Calgary Urban Journey Center provides a variety of comfortable spaces in which to undertake healing and transformative work.

Our private facility is located in central Calgary with easy access from across the city. It features 5,000 square feet of soft and private spaces where we provide both, individual therapy and group sessions and ceremonies to Clients.

Our Calgary location is also home to ATMA Academy, where mental health care professionals from across the country are trained to deliver leading-edge therapy services that incorporate the latest research, science and best practices in psychedelic medicine.

Easing End-of-life Distress

Our Client Services

End of life anxiety, often rooted in existential fear of the process of dying, can be debilitating and often fuels the narrative that life is over long before it is necessarily so. So how do psychedelics offer hope and peace to an individual and their family facing such a difficult situation?

Home of ATMA Academy

ATMA and Wayfound have developed a practicable turn-key solution for Psychologists, accredited and certified Counselors and other mental health professionals across Canada facilitating the seamless integration of Psychedelic-assisted Therapy into their clinics and independent practices.

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