Clinic Network Services

Clinic Network Services

Connecting Patients, Practitioners, and Clinics

ATMA CENA is at the forefront of transforming network clinics into pivotal service hubs across Canada and the United States, in anticipation of the imminent arrival of Psychedelic-assisted Therapy (PaT). While the industry buzzes with the potential of PaT, the challenge lies in establishing the necessary infrastructure for its standardized and safe delivery. Many clinics eager to join this movement often find themselves constrained by limited time, resources, and a complex web of emerging regulations and accreditation standards.

Recognizing these challenges, ATMA CENA is proactively gearing up to meet the surge in demand for PaT clinics, ensuring they are well supported with clinical and regulatory requirements, and are ready to navigate the landscape of this groundbreaking therapy in the new era of legalization.

Supporting clinic licensing & accreditation to enable PaT accessibility

Emerging government regulations are indicating that PaT will need to be delivered in licensed accredited clinics.

We recognize the challenges of licensing and accreditation for clinics, especially those who are in the field of psychotherapy and not healthcare. It is necessary to support a sufficient amount of clinics to be licensed in our network to provide accessibility for patients and practitioners in both dense and sparsely populated population centers.

The clinic network will support the practitioner network made up of a vast majority of clinicians that do not work in an authorized licensed facility but still wish to provide PaT.

The one-stop support solution for clinics

Network Clinics

Psychedelic-assisted Therapy (PaT) Adoption Services For Clinics

  • PaT operations optimization
  • Licensing and accreditation standards
  • Implementing clinical and regulatory protocols
  • Staff training
  • B2C Patient referrals
  • B2B practitioners network users
  • Nationally promoted and listed on network directory
  • Access to wide network of clinic practice data

How it works for clinics

Clinics in the network will be supported with training and regulatory expertise to be prepared for adopting regulated PaT. Network clinics will also benefit from being promoted as a hub facility supported by direct patient referrals as well as practitioner network users within its service area. 

The focus will be on utilizing clinic resource capacity with efficiency. Through balancing the number of clinics supported by the network in each service area, we can achieve and maintain accessibility and clinic profitability. 

In the long-term, a clinic within the network can expect a gradual buildup of a loyal patient and practitioner base from the network to support it.

ATMA CENA is committed to helping network clinics become a service hub in their service area.

Psychedelic-assisted Therapy (PaT) is coming to Canada and the United States (U.S.) imminently, but necessary infrastructure to enable the standardized delivery of PaT for the industry has not yet been addressed.

PaT will require clinic access infrastructure to support accessibility. Most clinics currently wishing to participate lack the time, resources, and regulatory knowledge to implement emerging regulatory, accreditation, and treatment standards into their current practice.

ATMA CENA is preparing for the significant increase in demand for access to PaT clinics in the coming legalization.

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