Psychedelic psychotherapy purposely designed for helping people discover freedom from common mental health struggles

ATMA is pleased to offer a special pilot program in Calgary as we continue to develop the extraordinary vision that will expand through our Journey Centers.

Through reframing past trauma, both in the psychedelic therapy sessions and in the counselling sessions before and after the psychedelic deep-dive, the client will be guided and supported to find a new way to see their lives.

The program is a call to do some deep work, and designed to move past mental health challenges including depression and anxiety.

Through partnering with psychologists, therapists and psychiatrists in Canada, the psychedelic therapy becomes part of a larger exploration into the core reasons for the exhibiting mental health challenges. The catalyzing work of the psychedelic therapy session is seen as the unblocking the log jams that may be holding the client back from experiencing a fulfilling life.

Each client is treated as a unique human with unique sets of challenges and opportunities for expansion.

The intake process is not a one-size fits all approach, and through the intake sessions with our therapists, you will be led through a discovery process so that when you enter into the psychedelic experience, there is a clear intention and guided journey of discovery that will be best set up for you to find healing.

In this discovery phase you will, together with your therapist decide which protocol of medicine is best suited to your unique needs, and then the therapy protocols of the medicine work will follow, offered in the spaces designed for journeys in Calgary, Alberta.

Psilocybin or MDMA therapy is the most effective when there are opportunities for the client to fully embrace a new outlook on life. This may come with lifestyle changes, diet changes, or choosing to adopt new positive habits and let other negative thought patterns go.

The therapist role in this work is created through this program to continue a relationship with you, the client, so that there is ongoing support to help find the long-term healing that is desired.

The Psilocybin journey set up is with two guides, both a medical professional and a medicine guide. Together, they will set the stage, create a space and setting for you to fully embrace the psychedelic experience.

You will feel supported throughout the “journey” as your intentions are explored in the altered state. This process of discovery is as individual as each client who will experience the medicine, and the guides will be there throughout the process to make sure you are safe, and free to discover.

ATMA Pilot Wellness Journey Fees:
Our Wellness Journey Program includes:

  • Bill 56 Exemption application to Health Canada
  • Appropriate medicine based on exemption approval
  • 30 Days of designed integration and support

The service fee is $1,100.00 CDN.  All services will be delivered at our Calgary Journey Clinic.

If you’re interested in exploring whether this therapy may be beneficial to you, please visit our page here regarding the Health Canada Application process to learn how to initiate your application.  

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