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Through the unique healing and transformative experiences of psychedelic-assisted therapy, we are witnessing a new frontier of treatment that is providing hope to those struggling with mental health concerns.

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The key to the safe and ethical delivery of psychedelic-assisted therapy is having it administered by a skilled therapist. We give patients the confidence that their therapist has been trained in psychedelic-assisted therapy with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity.

Creating a standard for which psychedelic therapists should be trained is an important step in the evolution of this field. Healthcare professionals who achieve competency in this area will be able to adopt this treatment into their practice upon legalization of these medicines.

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Globally renowned leaders in the medical community have partnered with ATMA to develop the curricula, training models, and lectures for the course offerings. We currently offer an Introduction to Psychedelic-assisted Therapy Course, with several other programs currently in development, including the Psilocybin-assisted Therapy Program starting Fall 2022.

Introduction to Psychedelic-assisted Therapy

This CE credited course offers an overview of psychedelic medicines in a convenient manner, allowing for healthcare professionals to gain familiarity with psychedelic medicine.

Psilocybin-assisted Therapy Program

This program will provide the opportunity for legal experiential training under the supervision of skilled psychedelic guides and medical practitioners.

The Introduction to Psychedelic-assisted Therapy course is a prerequisite for this program.

This program has not only done a masterful job of setting the foundations for psychedelic-assisted therapy, but also helped connect participants with like-minded health providers and fostered a continued interest in exploring this needed healing modality at an even deeper level.



The richness of the experience, expertise and discussion was deeply meaningful. Thank you ATMA.



Great format of watching presentations ahead of time for the Q&A’s and then speaking to the amazing presenters about their experiences. Wonderful to connect with other therapists and interested individuals through breakout groups.



So informative and a must if you are interested in becoming a psychedelic therapist.



It’s wonderful to be on live Zoom calls with so many amazing teachers. Thank you all, so much gratitude for this space!



Meet your instructors

Our teaching faculty features a number of leading experts in their respective fields.

Leading clinical trials and research

Health Canada has approved our Phase I Study that aims to assess the safety of psilocybin in healthcare workers.

Our Phase II Study aims to assess the efficacy of psilocybin in treating frontline healthcare workers presenting with COVID-19-related depression, anxiety, or burnout has recently been submitted to Health Canada for approval.

Lastly, we plan to conduct future studies with palliative care patients experiencing end-of-life anxiety.

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Exchange data, facilitate group discussions, and stay up-to-date with emerging research. With our community platform, we provide a solution for therapists looking to connect and network with one another. Our platform will continually support therapists, whether operating in a clinic or working independently. 

ATMA Academy Alumni will have access to these community-based platforms, allowing for them to be actively involved in the psychedelic community and to be part of the paradigm shift the world is experiencing.

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