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Saturday, June 08

Efficacy & Benefits of Group Psilocybin Administration


The group therapy hypothesis suggests that group sessions enhance social connectedness and well-being by fostering communitas, psychological safety, empathy, cooperation, and aiding in psychological integration and self-regulation. Despite much observation of the effectiveness of group healing practices rooted in non-Western and ancient cultures, these methods have not been widely adopted in Western therapy.

ATMA, in partnership with experts like Dr. Mark Atkinson and Dr. Simon Ruffles, pioneers the first Phase II psilocybin clinical trial using a group administration protocol. This initiative aims to improve accessibility in the challenging landscape of psychedelic therapy due to resource constraints.

Join ATMA and Dr. Simon Ruffell for a discussion on the efficacy and accessibility of group psychedelic therapy. Dr. Ruffell, with a background in psychiatry, research psychology, and traditional plant medicine practices, offers unique insights from leading clinical trials, including psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression. Don’t miss this chance to explore the benefits of group psychedelic therapy and learn about our upcoming clinical trial starting in late summer.

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At ATMA, our vision is to advance the use of psychedelics, enriching the human experience. We are on a mission to deliver innovative training and support to a global community of practitioners, making psychedelics more accessible and fostering profound connections with oneself, others, and the world.

  • Saturday, June 08
  • 09:00am - 10:00am MT
  • Online Event
  • Free Webinar, Information Session


June 8
9:00 am - 10:00 am
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