🎉 Health Canada Provides a No Objection Letter for ATMA’s N500 Phase II Clinical Trial Application

Online Information Sessions

We are offering free 45-minute sessions for healthcare professionals interested in learning more about psychedelics.


Our free information sessions are filling up fast!

Our free 45-minute session and Q&A are designed for healthcare professionals like yourself! Our sessions tend to fill up pretty fast which is why we offer multiple sessions at different times.

October 2022

Clinical Trials and Advanced Psychedelic-assisted Therapy (PaT) Certification Program

Live session, Tue & Thu · 12pm or 10am MST

Are you interested in hearing about your peer’s first-hand experience in psilocybin clinical trials? ATMA is conducting psilocybin clinical trials where mental healthcare professionals may participate in as part of training.​

Learn more about what other mental health professionals have to say about their own experience with psilocybin under clinical trial set and setting and their perspective on the benefits of psychedelic and therapy with our free info session. 

November 2022

Psychedelic Basics

Are you prepared to discuss psychedelic therapy with clients who ask?

Learn more about the promise of psychedelics as a safe and effective alternative treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and End-of-life distress. Our free webinars shares how healthcare professionals can benefit from adding psychedelic to their practice. 

Legal Framework of Oregon Psilocybin Services

Live session, Tue & Thu · 12pm or 10am MST

In just a few months, Oregon is legalizing Psilocybin Services (January 2023)! Learn more about Oregon’s incoming legal framework and how ATMA can support you in offering psilocybin-assisted therapy in your current practice. 

Our free webinar discusses how mental healthcare professionals can start to prepare for adopting it into their practice.

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