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How does Oregon's legal framework accelerate psilocybin-assisted therapy practice for mental health practitioners?

In November 2020, Oregon voters passed Measure 109, which created a state-sanctioned program enabling adults over the age of 21 to access lab-tested psilocybin in a controlled setting, under the supervision of a licensed facilitator. The program will come into operations January 1, 2023.

Oregon’s legal framework for psilocybin services represents a paradigm shift in government sanctions against psychedelic medicine. While the significance of Measure 109 cannot be understated and is the first step towards mainstream awareness of psilocybin-assisted therapy, this measure may not unlock the full potential of both psychedelics and the manner in which psychedelics can relieve pressure on the mental healthcare system.

The current Ethical Principles/Code of Conduct for psilocybin facilitators in Oregon will not allow for facilitators to offer psychotherapy along with the consumption of psilocybin. The role of the facilitator is described as follows:

“Facilitators shall provide psilocybin services, which consist of preparation, administration, and integration sessions, in a non-directive manner. The non-directive approach to facilitation is characterized by maintenance of a consistent, warm, and affirming disposition with clients, while avoiding giving clients direct advice or directly interpreting their statements or behaviors. The goal of non-directive facilitation is for clients to discover things about themselves for themselves with only minimal guidance from a facilitator. The pace and direction of facilitation are controlled by clients, while facilitators serve in a supportive role. An exception would be when safety is at stake, at which point facilitators shall become directive only in the service of safety.” Read more here

ATMA’s business model for mental health practitioners provides a complementary approach to Oregon’s legalization framework. We see a great opportunity for mental healthcare practitioners anywhere in North America but especially in Alberta, British Columbia, Oregon, California, Washington, Idaho, and Nevada being in close proximity to leverage Oregon’s Psilocybin Services, and to begin offering psilocybin-assisted therapy as early as mid-year 2023. 

Using ATMA’s education, training, and Community Business Platform in conjunction with Oregon’s psilocybin services, practitioners will be able to expedite psychedelic-assisted therapy services much sooner than expected for clients requiring immediate access. 

For more information on how you can expedite offering psychedelic assisted therapy as a mental healthcare provider practicing near Oregon, download our information package below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Oregon will allow for psilocybin facilitation to anyone over the age of 21; no therapy component is offered under the Measure 109 ballot.

Anyone with a high school diploma may take a facilitator course that has been approved by the Oregon Health Authority. The facilitator course is approximately 120 hours, with a minimum of 30 hours in-person training. This course is available only to Oregon residents until January 2025.

A facilitator sits with a client during a medicine session (4-6 hours generally), offering no professional counseling or psychotherapy. A mental healthcare professional is trained to provide pre- and post-medicine psychotherapy, helping clients to understand their experience and to integrate it into their lives.

As proposed by Measure 109, three sessions are included: a preparatory session, the medicine session, and a session after the medicine session for Q&A with the facilitator.

Facilitators and facilitation service centers will begin the licensing process January 2023. It is estimated that services could be available to the public beginning Spring 2023.

If you are a mental healthcare professional, you do not need an Oregon-approved facilitator license to use our platform for psychedelic-assisted therapy services. Licensed facilitators will act as your third party service provider.

Not with ATMA’s program and platform. Until 2025, facilitators in Oregon must be Oregon residents, but therapy providers do not need to be Oregon residents.

If you are planning to practice using Oregon’s Psilocybin Services, you do not need any additional government certification.

Any practitioner may participate; however, the parameters of participation may differ between categories of practitioner.

Our Introduction to Psychedelic-assisted Therapy Course and our Advanced Psychedelic Training Program is a sufficient start for experienced therapy providers. We will provide additional coaching and mentoring session available to those seeking more assistance as they begin psychedelic assisted therapy under a legal framework.

Yes, in much similar way as the above States, with client travel logistics being the only difference.

You may become a platform member upon being licensed. Being on our platform means our large networks of therapy providers will have access to your business services. If you are intending to become a facilitator and would like to pre-register, please subscribe below.

You may become a platform member upon being licensed. Being on our platform means our large networks of therapy providers will have access to your business services. If you are intending on opening a licensed service center and would like to pre-register, please subscribe below.

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