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Oregon Psilocybin Services

In November 2020, Oregon voters passed Measure 109, which created a state-sanctioned program enabling adults over the age of 21 to access lab-tested psilocybin in a controlled setting, under the supervision of a licensed facilitator. The program will come into operations January 1, 2023.

Beginning in January 2023, Oregon will begin authorizing four types of licenses:

  1. Laboratory testing
  2. Products manufacturing
  3. Licensing for #1 and #2 is not a factor to ATMA’s business model and the healthcare professionals participating in it, and thus will not be discussed here.

  4. Psilocybin Service Center
  5. A Psilocybin Service Center License is required to operate a facility at which adults can access psilocybin products, under the supervision of a licensed psilocybin facilitator. Service centers are not considered healthcare facilities under Oregon law, but will be subject to health and safety regulation by the Oregon Health Authority. Service centers will also be subject to local regulations relating to time, place, and manner of operation, and some localities may decide to opt out of allowing service centers.

  6. Psilocybin Facilitator
  7. A Psilocybin Facilitator License is required to facilitate a psilocybin administration session (which can only take place at a psilocybin service center). Facilitator training, licensure, and conduct will all be regulated under Oregon Health Authority. Regulations pertaining to the training required to become facilitators will be finalized by the Oregon Health Authority in June 2023. A facilitator must be an Oregon resident as a requirement until January 2025.

Does Oregon's legal framework accelerate legal psychedelic-assisted therapy practice for practitioners?

Oregon’s legal framework to provide psilocybin services represents a paradigm shift in government sanctions of psychedelic medicine. While the impact of Measure 109 cannot be understood, the outcome is just the first step, and may fall short of demonstrating the full potential of what psychedelic medicine combined with therapy could do to relieve pressure on the mental healthcare system.

We, as with many, feel the inclusivity of mental healthcare practitioners to complement psilocybin facilitation services would go a long way in unlocking the power of these medicines.  Understanding the economic reality, as well as challenges to affordable and accessible therapy and counseling, ATMA has created a very inclusive business framework that promotes more mental healthcare professionals of all categories to participate; more participation will lead to better accessibility.  In addition, scalable group integration and digital contents can assist those receiving psilocybin services without economic means for one-on-one counseling.

ATMA’s business model for practitioners provides a complimentary approach to Oregon’s legalization framework.  We see great opportunities for mental healthcare professionals to leverage Oregon’s legalization framework on psilocybin services, and to be able to begin offering psilocybin-assisted therapy as early as mid-year 2023. 

Using ATMA’s education, training, and business network platform in conjunction with Oregon’s legal psilocybin services, practitioners will be able to expedite psychedelic-assisted therapy services much sooner than expected for clients requiring immediate access.  Those currently practicing in Oregon, California, Washington, Idaho, and Nevada will have a more accessible path to early adoption of psilocybin-assisted therapy.

Visit our Practitioner Training for more info on our education and training programs.

Visit our Practitioner Services for more info on our business network platform.

Psilocybin facilitators and psilocybin facilitation centers using ATMA's programs and platform

ATMA’s programs and platform is design as an open-source marketplace, incorporating Oregon psilocybin services, facilitators and service centers into our network is part of our business model.  As Facilitator and Service centers, you would be able to market and promote your services on our platform to our vast network of healthcare professionals looking to offer psychedelic therapy from all over North America and the United Kingdom.

ATMA also provides valuable professional development courses and content shared by a large community of like-minded professionals in the psychedelic therapy space that will advance best practices for facilitators and service centers.

For Oregon psilocybin facilitators and service centers, as with all business cycles, there are first mover advantages and benefits in this industry.  How you can differentiate and sustain your service and business over-time as the market saturates, price compression comes on and other jurisdictions/states legalizes psilocybin services will determine your long-term staying power in this industry. ATMA can help you establish yourself and your business.

There are ways you can stay connected with ATMA and participate in opportunities for personal health and wellness:

FAQs - Oregon Psilocybin Services

Oregon will allow for psilocybin services to be provided to anyone over the age of 21, no therapy component is offered under the Measure 109 ballot.

Anyone with a high school diploma may take a facilitator course that has been approved by Oregon Health Authority. The facilitator course is approximately 120 hours with minimum 30 hours in person training. This course is available only to Oregon residents until January 2025.

A facilitator will sit with a client through a medicine session (4-6 hours generally) offering no professional counseling or psychotherapy, a mental healthcare professional is trained to provide pre and post medicine session counseling and psychotherapy treatment to assist clients make sense of the medicine experience and integrate.

It is proposed, a preparatory session is booked before the medicine session and one post session for Q&A with the facilitator.

Facilitators and facilitation service centers will begin the licensing process January 2023, estimates services could be available to the public at a drip pace spring 2023.

If you are a mental healthcare professional, you do not need an Oregon approve facilitator license to use our platform for psychedelic assisted therapy services. Licensed facilitators will act as your 3rd party service provider.

Any practitioner may participate, the parameters of participation may differ from category to category of practitioner.

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Yes, in much similar way as the above States, with client travel logistics being the only difference.

You may become a platform member upon being licensed, if you are intending to become a facilitator and would like to pre-register, please subscribe below.

You may become a platform member upon being licensed, if you are intending to open a licensed Service Center or retreat and would like to pre-register, please subscribe below.

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