🎉 Health Canada Provides a No Objection Letter for ATMA’s N500 Phase II Clinical Trial Application

‘Tis the season to sit back and reflect on the year behind us. To be with shorter days and spend time with friends and family.
What are you grateful for this past year?
At ATMA, it has been quite a year to be grateful. Health Canada has approved dozens of Section 56 Exemptions through many different Doctors, companies and non-profits ATMA is honored to be part of this. Thank you, Health Canada!
In December, ATMA supported four palliative applicants with their Psilocybin Therapy experience. What a gift to witness the breakthroughs happening in these sessions to experience the heart-opening and healing occurring with these clients is just magic!
Also, in December, in a ground-breaking fashion, Health Canada approved three exemptions for treatment-resistant anxiety, depression and PTSD, which is outstanding and slowly opening the door to helping more people.
ATMA is committed to helping create a foundation for Psilocybin Therapy to be part of mainstream therapy. Through our Healthcare Professional training program and experiential trials, we hope to support this new therapy becoming accessible.
Currently, ATMA is only accepting Section 56 Exemption applications for people with an end-of-life diagnosis.
Deep gratitude to all the Therapists, Doctors, Nurses, advocates, and other healthcare professionals for helping move the needle forward in this new therapy.
Thank you so much for being part of this great movement
Love and Light
The ATMA Journey Team

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