Healing and transformation are at the heart of everything we do at ATMA Journey Centers.

We provide immersive experiences within Canada and beyond, with psychedelic-assisted therapy as a core component of our programs.

While psychedelic-assisted therapy continues to gain mainstream acceptance and a large body of evidence-based research and science continues to grow, psychedelics continue to be a restricted or prohibited category of substances in many jurisdictions, including Canada.

A small number of medicines are currently legal in Canada to be used in a therapeutic medical setting such as ketamine and ibogaine. However, most of the other psychedelics that are showing extraordinary potential as healing and transformative medicine such as psilocybin, MDMA and LSD are currently banned in Canada.

The exciting news is that Health Canada has recently begun approving individual applications for Canadians which provide legal access to some of these important medicines. ATMA Journey Centers was the first private service provider in Canada to deliver legal psychedelic-assisted therapy using psilocybin, and we continue to work diligently to increase access to psychedelic medicine options for Canadians.

While we continue to work towards an open system where psychedelic-assisted therapy is legalized, Health Canada continues to consider individual applications for Canadians who are suffering from mental and emotional conditions including end-of-life distress (palliative care), depression, anxiety and PTSD among others.

If you’re interested in being considered for participation in this ground-breaking therapy and you’re currently dealing with a mental health challenge, learn more about the Section 56 Exemption Application process by following the link below.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of psychedelic-assisted therapy, and how it might benefit you?

If you have never experienced psychedelics, either in recreational or therapeutic settings, it may seem foreign and non-traditional. Here is a breakdown of what it can be like to experience.

Psychedelic therapy is a completely different protocol than traditional medicine. Typically, a medicine is taken to solve a problem in our body. We take a pill when we have a headache, and we don’t feel what it’s doing as – we just hope the headache goes away.

Psychedelics, in contrast, open up our psyche to understand the root cause of the issue or show us how to reach the goal we are seeking to identify. For example; PTSD is linked to trauma in our past. Often we can block the trauma, or we fixate on the trauma. Either way we are not able to get past the core issue that is holding us back from mental health.

Often times, the traumatizing event or memory is so painful that our protective self makes it impossible for our conscious mind to acknowledge it. In an effort to protect us, our inner self keeps that painful trauma hidden – but even though we consciously cannot acknowledge it, the trauma remains buried in our subconscious, creating a variety of problems and challenges. This is why traditional approaches such as talk therapy have limited effect on trauma-based conditions and challenges.

When we enter into the psychedelic state, it can often allow us to discover a new perspective on the trauma, and help reframe the “story” that we have created in our minds about the trauma. Our protective self is gently relaxed, allowing us to see these otherwise hidden challenges so that we can finally acknowledge and process them. It allows us to dive into our own limitations and be able to find a new way to view the issue, so that we are able to look forward to a positive future, rather than be fixated on the past.

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