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Doctors Involved in Medical Psychedelic Therapy

Doctors will play a key role in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Like all drugs in consideration for public accessibility, safety becomes the overarching concern for regulators and consumers alike. While physicians and prescribers generally do not provide direct mental health therapy or provide psychedelic prescriptions, doctors will need to participate in the psychedelic revolution to ensure this effective and revolutionary treatment is safely delivered to the public.

As Canada, Australia, and some 17+ US states move towards regulating psychedelics for use in therapy, there are still many unanswered questions about how this will be rolled out in various regulatory environments.

Most psychedelics are currently considered to be Schedule 1 drugs in the United States, meaning they are considered to have no medical benefits. They are also classified in equivalence terms in G20 nations. In light of promising research documenting the medical benefits psychedelics can have on chronic and persistent mental illness, many are now working to move psychedelics therapy into the realm of western medicine practices.


Doctors, Prescribers and Psychedelics

Despite the fact that physicians do not typically provide front line mental health therapy, statistics show many of their patients present in the exam room with mental health concerns. As evidence grows that supports the efficacy and safety of psychedelics for mental health therapy, and as public interest grows, physicians will face questions from their patients. It is important for physicians have knowledge, backed by science, to share with their patients. Physicians could be asked and should be prepared to answer questions like: Are psychedelic safe? Are these psychedelics addictive? And importantly, doctors must know, is it legal to discuss psychedelics with patients? This, and more, is covered in ATMA’s training.

As with any pharmaceutical treatment, there are potential risks, adverse effects, contraindications, and drug-drug interactions physicians should be aware of. Certain therapeutic protocols currently being studied require high-dose psychedelics which induce altered states of consciousness. This exacerbates certain psychiatric conditions or can lead to psychological trauma, especially without a trained guide present. Physicians enrolled in ATMA’s training program will learn how to assess patient suitability for psychedelic therapy from leading experts, researchers and medical doctors in the psychedelic field.

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Physicians PART

Why More Trained Physicians and Prescribers Are Needed and Soon

General physicians have a network of professionals to aid them in delivering effective care to their patients including surgeons, nurses, cardiologists, and other specialized professionals. The field of psychedelic-assisted therapy will require the same supportive network to ensure patient safety. Starting with the key role of physicians and prescribers, it is likely patients will require a medical screening, referral to psychiatry, or a prescription to receive psychedelic-assisted therapy in most regulatory jurisdictions prior to being connected with psychedelic facilitators and therapists.

Being the tip of the spear, a key role of physicians and prescribers will be to evaluate if patients are candidates and prescribe psychedelic therapy. This can likely be done with the support of psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical counsellors or social workers who have existing relationships with the patient or can help co-assess their need for psychedelic therapy. Other times, physicians may need to assist patients in accessing a care network who can provide this specialized service.

In addition, a growing body of evidence supports the use of psychedelic therapy for end of life distress, treatment-resistant depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and overcoming addictions. Physicians, as the primary point of contact for many patients in the health care system, are in a position of power as the likely gate-keepers between the general public and psychedelic-assisted therapy. You can help ensure your patients get the help they need by equipping yourself with the knowledge required to support patients who are good candidates for this novel and effective treatment.


Next Steps for Physicians and Prescribers

ATMA has developed the first comprehensive psychedelic prescribing course for physicians and prescribers to understand psychedelics and their important role in the field of psychedelic-assisted therapy network.

Our program will advance physicians’ knowledge of psychedelic-assisted therapy and equip them with the knowledge they need to discuss this treatment with their patients.  Physicians will also learn about the medical and pharmacological components of psychedelic therapy. 

In addition, ATMA is creating a community of trained psychedelic doctors and practitioners to ensure you feel supported in participating in this field. By establishing both an academic program and practitioner support network, ATMA ensures professionals are both supported and armed with the knowledge they need to advocate for psychedelic therapy.


Here's What's Included in Our Physicians and Prescribers Program

  • 9 modules of online coursework with lectures from leading experts in the psychedelic realm covering psychedelic assisted therapy, pharmacology and neurology
  • Opportunity to work online with an easy-to-navigate format, at an individual pace allowing for busy medical professionals to take this course without disruptions to their own practice
  • Access to regular live sessions, including live Q&A sessions, with leading experts from our faculty, as well as guest presenters
  • Regular assignments and assessments throughout the course to keep you on track, with an emphasis on relevant topics to enhance your current work and life in real time
  • Connections with other like-minded professionals for peer support and common purpose in shaping the future of legal access to psychedelic-assisted therapy
  • Weekend workshop activities on introspection and self care


Psychedelic Therapy Training Course Overview

The Physicians and Prescribers Program will provide physicians and specialists advanced knowledge of the psychedelic medicine landscape in Canada and the United States. Our 20 hour program informs prescribers of all clinical research findings and data available to date, covers the applications of psychedelic-assisted therapy, discusses the neurological and physical effects of treatment, and provides physicians new to this area of practice with foundational knowledge about psychedelic medicine.

Topics explore Psychedelic Expanded States of Consciousness as well as Non-Psychedelic Expanded States of Consciousness, Comparison/Contrast of Psilocybin and MDMA Experiences and Outcomes.

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Meet your instructors

Dr. Saundra Jain, MA, PsyD, LPC, Psychotherapist, ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Dr. Saundra Jain

MA, PsyD, LPC, Psychotherapist

Devon Christie, Clinical Instructor, UBC, Family Physician, , ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Devon Christie

Clinical Instructor, UBC, Family Physician

Ben Malcolm

PharmD, MPH

Mark Haden, VP of Clearmind Medicine, Adjunct Prof., UBC, ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Mark Haden

VP of Clearmind Medicine, Adjunct Prof., UBC

Dr. Rakesh Jain, Psychiatrist, ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Dr. Rakesh Jain



Physician and Subscriber Program with Optional Experiential Training

One-time payment
$1897 USD

The ATMA Physicians and Prescribers Program is CME Eligible

Psychedelic Training for Physician and Prescribers

Online lessons, assignments (18 hours)

Interactive Components lectures, interactive and Q&A

Live lectures, interactive and Q&A (6 hours)

Advanced Experiential Training

Optional In-person (30 hours) – Additional Costs*


$1897 USD

Advance Experiential Training may include clinical trial participation and ingesting psilocybin should you meet trial eligibility criteria, in person training is an additional $1,597 USD.


Questions About Our Physicians and Prescribers Program?

Please reach out to us if your questions about our psychedelic therapy training are not addressed on this page. Contact us to learn more about ATMA’s psychedelic training program for physicians and prescribers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all our offerings are open to Canadians and Americans, including training, clinical trial and business services. This is a great opportunity to be prepared when Oregon psychedelic therapy laws go into effect in 2023 and with new Colorado psychedelic therapy regulations on the horizon.

Health Canada is slowly opening the door for patient access to psilocybin and MDMA for therapy purposes. This psychedelic guide certification program will provide qualified therapy providers with an understanding of these medicines, and will equip them with the leading-edge therapy protocols necessary to practice legal psychedelic-assisted therapy in the near future.

Therapy providers interested in how this psychedelic facilitator training program can allow them to participate in the upcoming Oregon legal framework for Psilocybin Services in 2023, please see Oregon Services.

Psychedelic therapy clinical trials will be held at various clinics across Canada, currently being planned for Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.

While our psychedelic therapy students in Canada are encouraged to participate in the clinical trial (an important element of working with psychedelics is to have first-hand experience with the medicine), we understand that some students may have contraindications to psilocybin, or do not meet the other inclusion/exclusion criteria of the trial, and are thus unable to partake in the experiential session.

Nonetheless, students will still be able to embody the role of the psychedelic guide and learn how to effectively guide others through their psychedelic journeys.

Yes, please contact us for more information on your eligibility.

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