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Psychedelic Practitioners' Community and Directory


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Connecting Psychedelic Practitioners to Each Other and the Community

The demand for psychedelic-assisted therapists, facilitators, prescribers and other psychedelic services is quickly becoming far greater than what is currently available.

As you add psychedelic services to your offerings you will have many questions and not a lot of places to turn to with real answers, which is why we’ve created a new platform exclusively to support practitioners in the psychedelic space.  Having community support will greatly reduce your learning curve and risks associated with using these powerful medicines in therapy.

With this platform you will be able to:

  • Find and connect with other complementary practitioners as a resource
  • Have clinical discussions on psychedelic topics and experiences with other professionals
  • Access and share clinical trial data and experiences with peers
  • Allow clients to find you on the area psychedelic practitioners search
  • Share and grow your psychedelic business and offerings
  • Be easy to find for vendors offering support services
  • Access exclusive content and resources

First Comes Legislation, Then Comes Real Life Practice

Oregon begins rolling out its legal adult-use framework for psilocybin in 2023 and right on its heels will be Colorado in 2024.  There will be potentially tens of thousands of people seeking psilocybin services for mental health reasons without fully understanding their experience as it relates to their mental condition.  Without proper access to professional therapy for preparation and integration, the psychedelic experience may have no impact on a client’s mental well-being, or worse, it may have a negative impact.  

The importance of successful outcomes in both Oregon and Colorado are essential for the continued advancement of psychedelics for mental wellness across both Canada and the US. We want to ensure there is sufficient support in expertise and resources available for practitioners and for those embarking on their own psychedelic journey.

Australia will implement legal psychedelic-assisted therapy by July 1, 2023, and as they do it will become apparent how few trained practitioners are available to carry out the full service of psychedelic-assisted therapy, especially when we know that there is significant demand from people in mental health distress that could greatly benefit from this new treatment option.  Simply put, more trained practitioners are needed as legal adult-use and therapy use of psychedelics gains traction.

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A Specialized Directory for the Psychedelics Industry

We are building a community of psychedelic practitioners from all over the world to create the largest specialized community for practitioners of psychedelic services.  To support the patient communities of Australia, Oregon, and Colorado, ATMA will provide access to a large directory of psychedelic practitioners, a resource that will be of value to those seeking psilocybin services beginning in 2023.

In our directory, practitioners may build their psychedelic experience profile and establish themselves as innovators with specific expertise and therapy experience in the psychedelic field.  Listed practitioners will have access to our psychedelic practitioners’ community and will have access to resources including clinical trial data from peers.

Who is the Directory for?

1. Prescribers – Physicians, Psychiatrists and Nurse Practitioners

Join a network of professionals and services to ally with for referral of psychedelic-assisted therapy to your patients who need it.  You will have access to clinical trial data and experiences from healthcare professionals on the utility of psychedelics.

2. Therapy Providers – Psychologists, Therapists, Counsellors and Social Workers

Find vetted and knowledgeable  prescribers to send clients to.  Share and learn of clinical trials and practice data, and results from peers to assist you to provide effective psychedelic therapy.   Shorten your learning curve by having a supportive community.

3. Facilitators

Increase your network of psychedelic practitioners near and far who may be looking to access your services. If you become a highly recommended facilitator in the community and directory you will have a multiplier number of referrals compared to what you would have if you just promoted your services locally.

4. Service Centers – Facilitation Centers, Healing Centers, Retreats and Medical Centers

Wherever you are in the world, it would serve you well to be accessible to the largest global network of psychedelic practitioners as clients or as referring professionals with hundreds of clients/patients.  Be in the place where the bulk of searching will go to find facilitation, healing centers and retreats.

5. Third-Party Service Providers – Integration Resources, Technology Platforms, Support Businesses 

This is your marketplace.  The benefit of the multiplier effect in dealing with a network of practitioners, each of whom has hundreds of clients and patients for which they could refer your service and products to, cannot be understated.  Bring your service and product and support the community while you build your business.

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The growing number of people in North America who are taking psychedelics on their own because they’ve heard it can help with their mental well-being can’t be understated in both numbers and potential risk. In their pursuit of self-medication, they may take psychedelics alone and feel lost due to lack of experience and knowledge, or they may take them with an unskilled or untrained facilitator who has the potential to do more harm than good. The ATMA directory will help to serve this population who are looking for experienced practitioners and can reduce the potential harm of self-medication. 

Even if you choose not to integrate psychedelic-assisted therapy into your practice, taking training on psychedelics can help you help others who come to you with questions. Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration is an approach that you as a therapist can take when having conversations with people who have taken psychedelics in clinical or non-clinical settings, or who are seeking help at any stage of psychedelic use.