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The first and only digital platform created for psychedelic practitioners

Current design features for Oregon Legal Psilocybin Services model where practitioners in Oregon, California, Washington, Idaho and Nevada might be in the best proximity to use.

1st iteration • Spring 2023

Focusing on education, training and clinical trial participation

Connect with peers participating in training and clinical trials to form support groups and foundation of community. In addition, providing self care resources.​

2nd iteration • Summer 2023

Building a community of psychedelic practitioners for psychedelic practitioners

Network with healthcare professionals of diverse occupation and specialties background all interested in psychedelic therapy. Share and discuss clinical trial and clinical treatment experiences with psychedelics. ​

3rd iteration • Fall 2023

For mental healthcare providers to begin offering and providing psilocybin assisted therapy

Access support services that allow practitioners within proximity of Oregon to use its legal psilocybin services as a mean to offer psychedelic therapy​.

Future iterations

Based on new jurisdictions providing regulatory changes to allow for access to psychedelic

Know that when legalization is within proximity of your practice, you are well prepared to offer psychedelic therapy by being part of this community.


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