Practitioner Services

Practitioner Services

Connecting Patients, Practitioners, and Clinics

Discover an exciting opportunity with the fast-approaching arrival of Psychedelic-assisted Therapy (PaT) in Canada and the United States. The industry is on the brink of a transformative phase, yet the standardization of PaT delivery remains a pressing challenge. This emerging field calls for a diverse array of skilled practitioners to enhance accessibility and meet growing demands. Many professionals are eager to engage but find themselves constrained by limited time, resources, and a complex regulatory landscape. ATMA CENA is at the forefront, preparing diligently for the expected surge in demand for PaT practitioners following legalization. 

We are committed to empowering practitioners with the necessary tools, knowledge, and support to thrive in this groundbreaking domain. Join us in shaping the future of mental health care and be part of this pioneering journey in psychedelic-assisted therapy.

The one-stop support solution for practitioners

ATMA Community

Training and Networking Resources

  • Psychedelic-assisted therapy training
  • Clinical trial therapy staff participation
  • Community interdisciplinary network
  • Access to practitioner network data
  • Directory

ATMA CENA Services

Administrative and Support Services

  • SAP applications and clinic support services
  • Patient, practitioner and clinic referrals
  • Access to licensed clinical facilities
  • Patient management services
  • Interdisciplinary planning
  • Providing clinical and regulatory protocols
Essential support for all PaT practitioners

Emerging government regulations are indicating PaT will need to be delivered using an interdisciplinary team.

Only a small percentage of practitioners will practice in PaT licensed clinics. The vast majority of practitioners interested in PaT have regular independent practices and will find it challenging to assemble and organize an interdisciplinary team to provide PaT. 

ATMA CENA understands the need to support these independent practitioners. These practitioners represent a significant opportunity for increased patient accessibility.

How it works for practitioners

Practitioners refer their patient/client and participate by providing services in their professional role in their current practice.

ATMA CENA will manage the rest of the process. From patient care and consultation, organizing the interdisciplinary team as well as provide clinic site access, all in coordination with that practitioner to find the most feasible path for their patient/client.

ATMA CENA is committed to helping practitioners be a part of the clinic network in their service area.

The fast-approaching introduction of Psychedelic-assisted Therapy (PaT) in Canada and the United States highlights a critical gap in the necessary infrastructure for its standardized delivery across the industry. To facilitate widespread accessibility, PaT will demand a diverse pool of practitioners from various disciplines.

However, most interested practitioners currently face challenges because of lack of time, resources, and understanding of the coming regulatory standards. In anticipation of this, ATMA CENA is actively preparing to meet the expected surge in demand for PaT practitioners, ensuring readiness for the upcoming legalization phase.

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