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Practitioner Network and Services

The Practitioner Network and Services (PNS) functions to provide the necessary infrastructure to support mental healthcare professionals as they venture to adopt psychedelic medicines into their practices.

Challenges that Inspired Our Solution

Since 2019, there has been a shortage of psychologists available to serve Canadians; the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated this challenge.

Practitioners’ time is in high demand, and most have a limited number of hours available to dedicate to professional development. The time, research, and resources required to develop a psychedelic-assisted therapy program is a significant undertaking that is not feasible for most practitioners.

In order to ethically offer psychedelic-assisted therapy, practitioners need comprehensive training, including important first-hand practicum experience, counselling, and therapy-delivering experience; the combination of these skills will allow the therapist to assist the patient in the integration of their psychedelic journey.

Psychedelic-assisted therapy can be time consuming. Guiding a patient through a psilocybin journey, for example, is often a full day commitment.

We anticipate that there will be demand on other resources, such as helping patients source safe and reliable psychedelic medicine, as well as supporting Section 56 Exemption applications.

Our Practitioner Network and Services (PNS) was conceived as a suite of support services for licensed healthcare professionals interested in psychedelic medicine as they go through the process of incorporating psychedelic-assisted therapy in their practice.

Our goal is to make psychedelic-assisted therapy accessible to as many Canadians as possible. Our action, in support of this goal, and through this suite of services, is to build capacity for regulated healthcare professionals to provide care ethically and safely.

Introduction to Psychedelic-assisted Therapy Training Program
Psilocybin-assisted Therapy Training Program, including the experiential practicum (firsthand experience with psilocybin, as well as guiding others through psilocybin journeys).
Practitioner Network and Services (PNS) - collaborate with a network of mental health professionals.
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Practitioner Network and Services (PNS)

We recognize the limited time and resources at your disposal; as such, we provide a turn-key solution to help you integrate psychedelic-assisted therapy effortlessly into your practice. Health professionals who achieve competency in this area will be able to adopt the treatment without any disruptions to the current services they provide.

The PNS will allow psychologists, accredited and certified counselors, and other mental health professionals across Canada to seamlessly integrate psychedelic-assisted therapy into clinics and independent practices, with the confidence that it is done at the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

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Education and Training

Didactic training, experiential practicums, and psilocybin facilitator training.

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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials offer therapists first-hand experience with psilocybin, while also providing them with the opportunity to participate in important safety and efficacy research.

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Network Resources

Full access to a Social Professional Platform Resource conducive to collaboration, networking, and knowledge sharing amongst peers.

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Marketing + Referrals

Bringing patients and therapists together through an intuitive platform, which serves both those seeking treatment and practitioners wishing to expand.

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Facilitator Services

Psychedelic-assisted therapy guide services, which will support treatment and free up therapists’ valuable time and resources.

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ATMA Services

Access to Psilocybin Services Centers, psilocybin facilitators, and psilocybin services through the PNS, as well as Catalyst Events.

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Medicine Sourcing

Access to an automated procurement process that is intuitive, user friendly and always reliable.

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Prescription Model

The network will provide tools for MDs to prescribe psilocybin therapy.

The Practitioner Network and Services on our Platform

Our Practitioner Network and Services will be accessible on a user-friendly, robust
digital platform, which will serve as a central hub for all services required to integrate psychedelic-assisted therapy into your practice. The platform will allow for participating therapists to exchange data, experiences, and discoveries, as well as to facilitate group discussions, thus helping to improve the practice of psychedelic therapy, and providing access to resources crucial in guiding you to competently deliver this treatment.

The platform will include a client access interface, which will provide clients with mental wellness resources, and it will also act as a directory where they can seek, be referred to, and connect with practitioners near them who providing psychedelic-assisted therapy.

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Client view
Practitioner view
In-depth knowledge of psychedelic-assisted therapy

Experiential Training Through Clinical Trials

Psychedelic-assisted Therapy Practice Knowledge

Through Health Canada-approved clinical trials, ATMA offers practitioners the opportunity to gain firsthand experience with psychedelic medicine in a safe space; an additional component of this experience will involve guiding peers through psychedelic journeys, allowing for practitioners to gain a comprehensive understanding from multiple perspectives. 

Clinical trials provide an avenue for practitioners to gain an in-depth knowledge of psychedelic-assisted therapy, from preparation of the client through to post-integration psychotherapy. The clinical trials will operate in conjunction with ATMA’s Psilocybin-assisted Therapy Training Program.

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ATMA Academy is already offering its comprehensive introductory course in psychedelic-assisted therapy, a prerequisite for our more advanced courses. Classes are now open for May 2022 and seats are filling fast.
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