ATMA Journey Centers provide a range of immersive healing and transformation experiences within Canada as well as abroad.

Intention is at the core of each Journey Center we operate, and we create spaces that are conducive to healing and expansion. From the moment you step foot into any of these curated environments, you will feel the sacred connection to the earth, water and sky, and the work of the medicine begins before any ceremony commences.

In addition to our growing portfolio of Journey Centers, ATMA will also develop and operate Urban Journey Clinics which are located in key cities, providing convenient access to clients for services such as Palliative Care Programs and follow up individual and group therapy sessions. 

We have announced the following properties, with more exciting announcements to follow soon.

Immerse yourself in the energy of one of our planet’s five blue zones and feel the healing power of blue skies, spectacular sunsets and miles of untamed beach.

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