SAP Program Services with Cena Life

Ketamine-assisted Therapy (KaT) & Special Access Program (SAP) with ATMA/Cena Life

ATMA/Cena Life Services is dedicated to simplifying the Special Access Program (SAP) process in Canada, a crucial pathway for healthcare professionals to obtain unapproved drugs like psychedelics for patients with serious conditions. Recognizing the complexity and time-intensive nature of SAP applications and the delivery of psychedelic-assisted therapy, we offer comprehensive support that streamlines everything from application to treatment. 

Our services extend beyond SAP, encompassing Ketamine-assisted Therapy (KaT) and other psychedelic treatments, ensuring adherence to the highest safety standards and emerging regulatory guidelines. This streamlined approach not only facilitates access for patients in need but also significantly eases the burden on practitioners, enabling them to focus on what they do best – caring for their patients.

How it works for patients

Patients can access ketamine-assisted therapy (KAT) or psilocybin-assisted therapy and MDMA-assisted therapy through the SAP by:

  • Direct inquiry to ATMA-Cena Life
  • Referral from practitioners

ATMA-Cena Life Services will:

  • Provide patient care engagement
  • Set-up screening and assessment
  • Refer interdisciplinary team
  • Organize clinic visits and therapy
  • Manage journey

How it works for practitioners

Practitioners refer their patient/client and participate by providing services in their professional role in their current practice.

ATMA- Cena Life Services will manage the rest of the process:

  • Patient care and consultation
  • Organizing the interdisciplinary team 
  • Provide clinic site access,
  • All in coordination with that practitioner to find the most feasible path for their patient/client.

SAP Support

$500 CAD Application Fee

Administrative support upon approval of the SAP and including delivery of all psychedelic treatments vary based on the needs of the applicants:

  • Administration, logistics, regulatory compliance, and reporting
  • Access to the service provider organization
  • Clinical training and support for protocol delivery
  • Involvement in the delivery of care

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