Client Services

Client Services

In Canada, the Special Access Program (SAP) is a legal process that allows healthcare providers to apply for access to unapproved drugs like psychedelics for clients with serious conditions. At ATMA CENA, we are dedicated to simplifying the process and offer comprehensive support that streamlines everything from application to treatment.

How it works

Our streamlined approach not only facilitates access for clients in need, but also significantly eases the burden on practitioners, enabling them to focus on what they do best – caring for their clients.

Clients can access psilocybin-assisted Therapy and MDMA-assisted Therapy through the SAP by either directly inquiring to ATMA CENA or obtaining a referral from practitioners. ATMA CENA will provide guidance by offering client care and consultation, organizing clinic visits and therapy sessions for preparation, and ensuring client care engagement. All of these efforts will be coordinated with the practitioner to determine the most suitable path for their client. Visit for more information.

ATMA CENA offers support for practitioners by facilitating the referral process and enabling them to deliver services within their professional capacity. Practitioners can refer their clients and engage in providing services aligned with their current practice. The platform assists practitioners by organizing clinic visits and therapy sessions, ensuring proper preparation and client engagement. ATMA CENA collaborates closely with practitioners to identify the most suitable path for each client, fostering a coordinated approach to care delivery.

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Clinics benefit from direct referrals through ATMA CENA, enabling them to deliver care with a focus on training and regulatory expertise. They gain access to a network of trained, local interdisciplinary professionals, facilitating comprehensive care delivery. The platform supports clinics in organizing care and therapy according to established protocols, ensuring efficient and effective provision of services.

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Application Fee

The application price for the SAP program is $500, which may be waived if the applicant is accessing additional services.

Prices for support upon approval of the SAP and including delivery of all psychedelic treatments vary based on the needs of the applicants.

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Services for Clients

At ATMA CENA, our commitment lies in assisting you to reach a state of mental wellbeing where you feel fulfilled. Our services and programs are personalized to meet your unique needs and to support your path to wellness in collaboration with your care team. Our approach is grounded in respect for your journey and is always complemented by therapy to ensure comprehensive care. We acknowledge that caring for your mental health is an ongoing process, and we are dedicated to supporting you throughout your entire journey, even years after completing your initial treatment. 

Our services include:

  • General Therapy
  • Ketamine-assisted Therapy
  • Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS)
  • Psilocybin & MDMA assisted Therapy through Canada’s Special Access Program