Accredited Psychedelic-assisted Psychotherapy Training Programs for Mental Health Professionals

We see Therapists playing a crucial role in the evident renaissance of Psychedelic-assisted Treatment.

Thereby, building a support system of services around them will be the most efficient way to encourage the ethical and safe practice of Psychedelic-assisted Therapy.

We, at ATMA, recognize the lack of valuable time and resources at mental health professionals’ disposal, and in partnership with Wayfound have developed a practicable turn-key solution for Psychologists, accredited and certified Counselors and other mental health professionals across Canada that facilitates the seamless integration of Psychedelic-assisted Therapy into clinics and independent practices.

Training Program

ATMA, in partnership with Wayfound Mental Health Group and with support from the Psychologists Association of Alberta (PAA), has developed an 8 week, 20-hour introductory training program for mental health professionals to begin developing competency in providing Psychedelic-assisted Psychotherapy.

Current psychedelic training programs are cost, time and resource intensive (e.g. MAPS). We are endeavouring to provide an approachable training opportunity that will introduce mental health professionals to Psychedelic Medicine. Our training program currently has one offering, geared towards mental health professionals new to Psychedelic Medicine, who are eager to dive-in the field.

We are in the process of developing three additional training programs, two of which will provide advanced training for those interested in incorporating Psychedelic-assisted Psychotherapy into their practices and offering it to their Clients. The second and third levels of training will provide authorized Experiential Training; the opportunity to engage in sitting-in for a Psychedelic Medicine experience under supervision and supervisory support, in order to conduct Psychedelic-assisted Psychotherapy interventions.

We are also continually building a Therapist Services Network which will allow mental health professionals keep abreast of research and emerging best practices, as well as give them support to create consultation and referral opportunities.

How It Works

Psychedelic-assisted Therapy training course

Experiential Practicum consisting of hands-on experience and guiding others through Therapy

Therapist Network Services (TNS) - orientation and adoption of available services

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ATMA Academy is already offering its comprehensive introductory course in Psychedelic-assisted Therapy, a prerequisite for the remainder of our program. Classes are open for February 2022 and seats are filling fast.
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The Research

Significant empirical data has been collected through Clinical Trials carried out by credible Academic Institutions regarding the efficacy of Psychedelic Medicine in the treatment of the ever-growing range of mental health problems. The findings in this body of research emphasize the necessity of having Psychotherapy as an integral component of Psychedelic-assisted Therapy and Treatment.

What does legal psychedelic therapy mean for licensed mental health care professionals?

The growing evidence of the effectiveness of Psychedelic-assisted Therapy is becoming hard to ignore, especially when it could potentially help millions of Canadians coping with rising mental health issues.

We advocate for a clear process. We help regulated health professionals incorporate Psychedelic-assisted Treatment into their Practice. Assuming competency to offer novel interventions within one’s practice has been sought and continues to be developed, regulated Canadian health professionals will be able to provide Psychedelic-assisted Therapy to those who meet the criteria, and, as importantly, Clients will be given access to Psychedelic-assisted Treatment through their own Therapists.

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