Our convenient and comfortable Urban Journey Clinic in Calgary is home to Alberta’s first full-service psychedelic-assisted therapy facility.

Designed to provide a full range of psychedelic-assisted therapy and support services, our unique Calgary Urban Journey Clinic provides a variety of comfortable spaces in which to undertake this healing and transformative work.

Our private facility is located in central Calgary with easy access from across the city.  It features 5,000 square feet of relaxing and confidential space in which we provide services to clients in both individual therapy work as well as group sessions and ceremonies.   

Our Calgary location is also home to the ATMA National Psychedelic Therapy Training Centre, where mental health care professionals from across the country are trained to deliver leading-edge therapy services that incorporate the latest research, science and best practices.

ATMA Palliative Care Services

We are currently providing Palliative Care Services for patients who have received Section 56 Exemptions from Health Canada We are also assisting clients to submit applications with Health Canada for a Section 56 Exemption.

If you are dealing with a terminal illness or palliative care circumstance, please go the Health Canada Applications page here to learn more about the Section 56 Exemption for which you may be able to apply to receive treatment, and how you can initiate an application for treatment.

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