🎉 Health Canada Provides a No Objection Letter for ATMA’s N500 Phase II Clinical Trial Application

Why Choose ATMA?

ATMA mission to support healthcare professionals integrate psychedelic medicine into their practices.

ATMA designs training programs, systems, networks, and infrastructure to support healthcare professionals in preparation for legalization of psychedelic-assisted therapy.  In alignment with our mission, ATMA provides a clear, guided path for clinics and healthcare professionals to practicably adopt psychedelic-assisted therapy into their current practices. 

The road to adoption is not without its challenges for healthcare professionals; ATMA aims to reduce this steep learning curve and to provide solutions to such challenges.

Challenges Our Solutions
Knowledge – Insufficient practical education and training programs for therapy providers. Providing practical and applicable education and training programs; the only program to provide experiential participation in open clinical trials.
Operational – Ad hoc efforts to provide psychedelic-assisted services is not feasible for traditional clinics and therapy providers. Developing a technology platform that streamlines the practice of psychedelic therapy, thus increasing practicality and cost effectiveness.
Clinical Time – Therapy providers already struggle with managing their current workloads. Creating a network of support services will allow therapy providers more time to focus on the provision of therapy.
Resources – There are no current initiatives to build support systems and infrastructure to assist clinics and therapy providers. Building a full turn-key system solution and infrastructure to support clinics and therapy providers in providing psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Who is ATMA for?

A Community of Psychedelic Practitioners for Psychedelic Practitioners

Share data and experiences, facilitate group discussions, find support services and stay up-to-date with emerging research. With our community platform, we provide a solution for therapists looking to connect and network with one another. Our platform will continually support therapists, whether operating in a clinic or working independently. 

ATMA Academy Alumni will have access to these community-based platforms, allowing for them to be actively involved in the psychedelic community and to be part of the paradigm shift the world is experiencing.

Why Start Now?​

The demand for quality education and training programs in psychedelic-assisted therapy will outstrip the supply available very quickly and significantly beginning late 2022 as Oregon prepares to legalize its Psilocybin Services. There simply isn’t an ability to train that many therapy providers as fast as clients will be seeking this service to be offered, a bottleneck will build and many therapy providers who wish to be early adopters will have to wait.  ATMA is working on addressing the issue so more therapy providers can receive training in a timely manner but we urge those interested to begin now and not wait till the bottleneck occurs.

Our programs and platform will fully prepare mental healthcare professionals, especially those in British Columbia, Alberta, Oregon, California, Washington, Idaho, and Nevada who can begin their education and training now, to begin practicing legal psilocybin-assisted therapy as early as mid 2023, under Oregon’s legal Psilocybin Services.