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Bringing theory to practice and clinics with ATMA CENA Psychedelic Healthcare Solutions

ATMA CENA Psychedelic Healthcare Solutions is strategically preparing for the upcoming legalization of Psychedelic-assisted Therapy (PaT) in Canada and the U.S., focusing on bridging the infrastructure gap for standardized PaT delivery. Recognizing the need for skilled practitioners and well-equipped clinics, we offer comprehensive services to address the challenges of time, resources, and regulatory complexities. Our mission is to ensure a smooth transition for practitioners and clinics, facilitating their readiness to meet the surging demand for PaT in a newly legalized environment.

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ATMA CENA Psychedelic Healthcare Solutions takes practitioners from training to practice to clinics. ATMA’s training and clinics meet the highest PaT standards for the industry. ATMA offers patient, practitioners, and clinics a one-stop solution to implement PaT in whichever province you live in.

Special Access Program (SAP) Services

ATMA CENA Psychedelic Healthcare Solutions specializes in simplifying Canada's Special Access Program (SAP) process, essential for healthcare professionals to acquire psychedelics for patients with serious conditions. By offering comprehensive support, we streamline the SAP application process and the delivery of psychedelic-assisted therapy, making it less complex and time-consuming.

Ketamine-assisted Therapy (KaT) Services

ATMA CENA Psychedelic Healthcare Solutions includes Ketamine-assisted Therapy (KaT) and other psychedelic treatments, adhering to the highest safety standards and evolving regulatory guidelines. Our approach not only ensures easier access for patients in need but also allows practitioners to concentrate on patient care, significantly reducing their administrative load.

Practitioner Services

Practitioners refer their patient/client and participate by providing services in their professional role in their current practice. ATMA CENA Psychedelic Healthcare Solutions will manage the rest of the process. From patient care and consultation, organizing the interdisciplinary team, as well as provide clinic site access. This is all done in coordination with that practitioner to find the most beneficial path for their patient/client.

Clinic Network

ATMA CENA Psychedelic Healthcare Solutions is leading the transformation of network clinics into service centers, amidst challenges of establishing standardized delivery infrastructures and navigating emerging regulations. ATMA CENA provides comprehensive support, ensuring clinics meet clinical and regulatory requirements and are equipped to embrace this groundbreaking therapy in the newly legalized era.

Turnkey solutions for practitioners and clinics

ATMA Community

Training and Network Resources

  • Psychedelic-assisted therapy training
  • Clinical trial experiential participation
  • Community interdisciplinary network
  • Access to practitioner network data
  • Directory

ATMA CENA Psychedelic Healthcare Solutions

Administrative and Support Services

  • SAP applications and clinic support services
  • Patient, practitioner, and clinic referrals
  • Access to licensed clinical facilities
  • Patient management services
  • Interdisciplinary planning
  • Providing clinical and regulatory protocols

Network Clinics

Clinic PaT Adoption Services

  • PaT operations optimization
  • Licensing and accreditation standards
  • Implementing clinical and regulatory protocols
  • Staff training
  • B2C Patient referrals
  • B2B practitioners network users
  • Nationally promoted and listed on network directory
  • Access to wide network of clinic practice data
Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

Participating Clinic​ Network

Specialized sites meeting safety and protocol requirements will put all practitioners at ease to provide PaT.

If you are a clinic owner and wish to make your practice site a part of this network, contact ATMA for requirements and assistance. 


Having participating sites in more populations centres means better access for Canadians in need.

Facility and Therapy

ATMA Services is collaborating with ATMA Community practitioner members and clinic partners across Canada to establish specialized clinical sites. These sites will adhere to our rigorous procedural protocols, ensuring utmost safety during psychedelic treatments for SAP and KAP patients. Practitioners can trust that their patients are in competent hands throughout the treatment process.​


This comprehensive support system for the SAP and KAP encompasses safety protocols, administrative services, and all aspects in between. Physicians and practitioners will feel well-supported throughout the entire process. The overarching objective is to establish a high safety standard and streamline framework for PaT now and educate relevant parties about it. Simultaneously, this foundation will pave the way for a uniformed standard and wider accessibility across Canada once PaT for psilocybin and MDMA treatment becomes available, supporting a revolution in mental health treatment.