Wisdom Learning Series

Wisdom Learning Series

In this Wisdom Learning series, we acknowledge the rich diversity of traditional indigenous practices, rooted in deep connection with nature and consciousness. In each of these mini-courses, we have the privilege of sitting with elders who share generously from their knowledge, stories and insights. ATMA is committed to equipping and supporting our students to ethically and effectively offer Psychedelic-assisted Therapy as a part of their practice. An important part of this training is acknowledging the deep roots and foundations of the plant medicines and teachings and honoring the generations of elders that are the keepers of this wisdom. 

All proceeds from our Wisdom Learning Series will go directly to the Elders and their Community and to our ATMA Reciprocity Fund. Enjoy this unique experience, expanding your world view and appreciation for how these plant medicines have been impacting humanity for millennia and how you will be enriched by bringing this wisdom into your life and practice.

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All profits go to the Elders and their Community & ATMA Reciprocity Fund

Current offerings

The Wisdom Learning Series is a unique collection of mini-courses designed to enlighten and inspire. ATMA proudly presents two captivating courses as part of this series, each crafted to bring you closer to the profound wisdom of elders who have shaped communities worldwide. Our commitment is to continually expand this series, sharing invaluable insights and timeless wisdom from global thought leaders and visionaries. Stay tuned for more enriching mini-courses that we’ll be adding regularly!

ATMA Wisdom Learning Series Presents:

The Path of the Buffalo - Camille Pablo Russell

In this course you will sit under the teachings of Blackfoot Elder Camille Pablo Russell. You will learn about his roots and traditional practices and his call to teach this to literally thousands of people around the globe. You will learn about the medicine wheel and and principles for life through traditional Blackfoot practices of Vision Quests and Sweat lodges and medicines.
You will also learn the importance for those wanting to offer psychedelic-assisted therapy to do their own personal work before they can be effective practitioners. His challenge is not to necessarily adopt all these traditional practices in a literal manner, but rather explore how the wisdom underlying his teaching can be transformative in the lives and practices of all who choose to listen.

Part 1: Camille Pablo Russell

Pablo shares of his Blackfoot roots and growing up under the loving guidance of the elders in his community. He shares about his call to become a teacher and his life of sharing this teaching and healing practices with literally thousands of people around the globe.

Part 2: The Medicine Wheel

Pablo shares his teaching utilizing the Medicine Wheel, a tool only recently created by indigenous elders to translate oral lessons into tangible elements for the modern student.  

Part 3: Self-Care for the Healer

Pablo brings these lessons home to those who are training to offer Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies, and the importance of doing your own work and personal healing before offering it to others.  

ATMA Wisdom Learning Series Presents:

Awakening in the Colombian Andes - Taita Julio Chindoy

Taita Julio Chindoy is a Knower of Ancestral Medicine, a musician, composer, and craftsman, from the Inga-Aponte indigenous reserve located in the municipality of Tablon de Gomez, in the department of Nariño, Colombia.
His course offers a comprehensive exploration of ancestral wisdom, practices, and the plant medicine of Yagé, or Ayahuasca. Taita Julio Chindoy not only shares the rich tapestry of Inga spiritual practices and beliefs but also invites learners to embrace a way of life that harmonizes happiness, peace, and a profound connection with the natural world.
Note: Julio's course is in Spanish with clear, user-friendly English subtitles, for an authentic and accessible learning experience.

Part 1: The Knower's Journey

Julio shares his roots, his evolving home land, and growing up under the loving guidance of the elders and Taitas in his community. He shares about how plant medicine ceremonies and rituals have helped heal his territory, and have helped strengthen the spirituality of the land and people.

Part 2: Medicinal Plants & the Ceremony

Julio explains the importance of knowing how to sow and cultivate the medicinal plants. He then delves into the Inga-Aponte Nation Ayahuasca (Ambi Waska) ceremony.

Part 3: Wise Teachings & Reflection

Julio talks about the process of being an Ayahuasca (Ambi Waska) facilitator, and how it can relate to facilitating any other medicines.

Simple, transparent pricing

ATMA provides fair and transparent pricing options. We prioritize affordability, ensuring that our courses remain accessible to all seeking positive change. 100% of all funds from ATMA’s Wisdom Learning Series go directly into the ATMA Reciprocity Fund.

$106 CAD

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ATMA Reciprocity Fund

All proceeds from our Wisdom Learning Series will go directly to the Elders and their Community and to our ATMA Reciprocity Fund, which supports and enables marginalized and under-supported communities to access these healing medicines and the support they deserve. We are committed to giving back to these communities, as well as increasing access for all, and we invite you to join ATMA in this initiative.

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