Reciprocity Fund

ATMA Reciprocity Fund

At ATMA, we envision a world where access to the transformative power of Psychedelic-assisted Therapy (PaT) is equitable and inclusive, regardless of one’s background or circumstances. In light of this vision, we have created the ATMA Reciprocity Fund, to offer grants to those who are underserved and under-represented in opportunities to participate in the healing and growth that this innovative therapeutic approach can provide. 
We are grateful for those who have and continue to contribute to this fund, offering these opportunities for engaging in education and experiences. All proceeds from our ATMA Wisdom Learning Series is offered to the Elders and Communities of each of the mini-courses as well as to this Reciprocity Fund. 
On this page we want to share with you initiatives we have intentionally contributed to from this fund. You will undoubtedly be inspired by the work being done and feel motivated to contribute in our respective areas to help those who greatly benefit from this work but face barriers in accessing it.

Nurturing compassion, ethics and wisdom in psychedelic-assisted therapy training and practice

Bridging Gaps and Honoring Heritage in Healing Practices

ATMA is dedicated to equipping and supporting our students in ethically and effectively incorporating Psychedelic-assisted Therapy into their practices. A crucial aspect of this training involves recognizing the profound roots and foundations of plant medicines and teachings. This includes honoring the generations of elders who are custodians of this wisdom and actively finding ways to meaningfully give back to these communities. These communities, often most ironically, face obstacles in accessing these healing opportunities.

In our Advanced Psychedelic-Assisted Training Program, Kim Haxton from IndigenEYEZ directly addresses this challenge for our students. Kim provides insightful advice on engaging with these marginalized communities in a manner that embodies humility and respect.

Reciprocity Fund Initiatives

Tl’etinqox Youth Explore Ceremony and Community in Belize in 2023

In early 2023, the ATMA Reciprocity Fund was honoured to provide financial support for an initiative for Indigenous Youth in BC to participate in an unprecedented opportunity to collaborate with youth from other indigenous nations. Kim Haxton, who spearheaded this project, offered this report from the experience. 

Pictured on the right: Kim Haxton, IndegenEYEZ – Co-Founder, Member of Wasauksing First Nation, Ontario

In February and March 2023 Tl’etinqox members all joined other representatives of other indigenous nations of the Americas in Belize. Tsilhqot’in, Sto:lo, Quechua, Potowatomi,Huichol, Nuxalk, Secwepemc, Garifuna, and Kekchi Mayans came together to share music, stories, language, and food. 

Around 30 years ago Xeni Gwet’in member Gilbert Solomon along with Edmund Faubert (metis) visited a small community in Peru for a traditional ceremony and to begin a nation-to-nation relationship.

This visit has created new relationships with the youth. The youth are all involved in healing ceremonies with medicines. Using songs, prayers, and sharing teachings from their perspective cultures. 

It was a 2 week immersive program. In the summer some of the youth continued their work supporting a healing camp in the Tl’etinqox, in the interior of B.C. This program is important as a part of healing and connection to culture, and being able to meet other youth connecting the global south with the north in ceremonies and cultural resurgence.  

Wisdom Learning Series

Discover how ATMA is shaping a more inclusive and equitable future in Psychedelic-assisted Therapy (PaT). Our commitment extends beyond training to the heart of community involvement and support. The ATMA Reciprocity Fund, fueled by contributions and proceeds from our ATMA Wisdom Learning Series, empowers under-represented individuals, offering them opportunities for healing and growth through this innovative therapeutic approach. By supporting and honoring the wisdom of elders and communities integral to our mini-courses, we’re building a bridge to these transformative practices.