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Master psychedelic therapy for profound mental health breakthroughs

Join our transformative psychedelic-assisted therapy programs and courses, where practical training meets real-world experience. Connect with a community of driven individuals dedicated to honing skills for a future of success.

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ATMA leads in mental health training and psychedelic therapy trials. In collaboration with global health leaders, our programs provide professionals with cutting-edge insights, preparing them to integrate these treatments into their practice when legalized.

$1,604 CAD

Introduction to Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy (PaT) Course

Explore psychedelic-assisted therapy in this engaging intro course, ideal for healthcare professionals seeking to broaden their practice. This course, a prerequisite for the Advanced PaT Certification Program, also offers CE credits.

Advanced Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy (PaT) Certification Program​

Advanced training for licensed medical practitioners, equipping them to confidently address patient queries on psychedelic-assisted therapy. Eligible for CME credits.

$5,626 CAD

Physicians & Prescribers Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy (PaT) Course​

Empower licensed medical practitioners to confidently respond to patient inquiries about psychedelic-assisted therapy with our advanced training. Eligible for CME credits.

$1,897 CAD


Wisdom Learning Series

In each of these mini-courses, we have the privilege of sitting with elders who share generously from their knowledge, stories and insights.
All proceeds from our Wisdom Learning Series will go directly to the Elders and their Community and to our ATMA Reciprocity Fund.

$106 CAD

In-person Workshops


Psychedelic Therapy in Alberta: What You Need to Know

As practitioners and students, understanding the implications and applications of psychedelic therapy is crucial, whether you plan to administer these treatments directly or not. Join us at ATMA’s In-Person Workshop, Psychedelic Therapy in Alberta: What You Need to Know.

$249 CAD


MDMA-assisted Therapy

There are so few therapists and practitioners trained to provide this therapy, especially as it is time and resource intensive for practitioners. As this therapy comes to legalization, a large number of trained practitioners will be needed and this intensive workshop is your opportunity to get yourself prepared ahead of time, to offer this.
*Discounts available for current students and alumni

$1,595 CAD

Why should you train with us?

Trusted by professionals

Immerse yourself in a learning environment curated by experts at the forefront of their fields. With our training, you're not just acquiring knowledge but gaining insights from industry leaders.

Real-time discussions

Maximize your learning with our interactive live Q&A sessions, connecting you with experts and like-minded peers for real-time discussions. Enjoy the flexibility of accessing post-session recordings to revisit key insights.

Networking opportunities

Build your professional network with our program. Join our vibrant online community where students discuss the latest topics in psychedelic-assisted therapy and the evolving landscape. Forge valuable connections, contribute to the conversation, and shape the future of your field.

Long-term success

Your journey with us doesn't end when the program does. We offer continuous support to ensure your transformation endures. Gain lifetime access to the latest on psychedelic therapy, our online community, exclusive events, and discounts. Our unwavering commitment to your long-term well-being sets us apart.

Enroll once, watch forever. New content added regularly.

Gain access to a wealth of knowledge and inspiration that keeps growing. Our platform offers ever-expanding content, ensuring your learning and enjoyment never stop.

Featuring a number of leading experts

Janis Phelps, PhD, Professor CIIS, ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Janis Phelps

PhD, Director of Psychedelic Studies and Research - CIIS
Mark Haden, VP of Clearmind Medicine, Adjunct Prof., UBC, ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Mark Haden

MSW, Qi Integrated Health - Clinical Supervisor, Adjunct Professor - UBC
Anthony Bossis, PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry NYU, ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Dr. Anthony Bossis

PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry NYU
Devon Christie, Clinical Instructor, UBC, Family Physician, , ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Dr. Devon Christie

MD, CCFP, RTC (Relational Somatic Therapy)
Dr. Alex Belser, ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Dr. Alex Belser

PhD Cybin - Chief Clinical Officer, Yale University - Clinical Research Fellow

Dr. Pam Kryskow

MD, Roots To Thrive Program - Medical Lead

Dr. Scott Shannon

MD, Principal Investigator and Therapist

Dr. Ben Malcolm

PharmD, MPH, Spirit Pharmacist - Founder

Dr. Rakesh Jain

MD, MPH, Psychiatrist, Clinical Professor - Texas Tech University School of Medicine

Dr. Saundra Jain

MA, PsyD, LPC, Psychotherapist
Kim Haxton, ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Kim Haxton

Indegeneyez - Co-Founder, Member of Wasauksing First Nation, Ontario
Zach Walsh, ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Zach Walsh

PhD Psychologist, Associate Professor - UBC

Dr. Aviva Fohrer

MD, Triple Board Certified in Addiction , Family, & Preventative Medicine.

Mark Cornfield

MD, FRCPC, Psychiatrist

Susan McBride


Trevor Millar

Ambio Live Sciences Inc. - Co-Founder, Ibogaine Facilitator

Ian Mitchell

Emergency Physician & Associate Clinical Prof., UBC

Bruce Sanguin

Psychotherapist, Clinical Fellow at CAMFT
Philippe Lucas, PhD, ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Philippe Lucas

PhD, SABI Mind - President

Paul Bridger

BA, ACC, CEC Intentional Directions, Integration Coach
Rich Tyo, ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Rich Tyo

Psychotherapist CRPO

Jane Cooper

BSc, MA, CHyp, CCC,
Mike Mathers, Addictions and Trauma Therapist, ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Mike Mathers

M.Sc., M.A., R.C.C., Addictions and Trauma Therapist

Rachel Dundas

Registered Psychologist

Erika Dyck

Prof. & Canadian Research Chair, USask

Natalie Bergstrom

ATMA VP of Programming

Matthew Kelemen

Sacred Row Academy, Self-Care Facilitator

Jeff Sorenson

breathARMY, Founder, Self-Care Facilitator
Thomas Hartle, ATMA psychedelic therapy training instructor in Canada

Thomas Hartle

Cancer Survivor - PaT Recipient (Section 56 Exemption, SAP)

Hear what people have to say

We’re proud to support healthcare practitioners from around the world with our programs and initiatives. Learn how our students enjoyed learning with ATMA.

Great format of watching presentations ahead of time for the Q&A’s and then speaking to the amazing presenters about their experiences. Wonderful to connect with other therapists and interested individuals through breakout groups.

Maya Sloan

It’s wonderful to be on live Zoom calls with so many amazing teachers. Thank you all, so much gratitude for this space!

Karolina Mikos

The richness of the experience, expertise and discussion was deeply meaningful. Thank you ATMA.

Alison Bell

This program has not only done a masterful job of setting the foundations for Psychedelic-assisted Therapy, but also helped connect participants with like-minded health providers and fostered a continued interest in exploring this needed healing modality at an even deeper level.`

Mikael Bartholdy, an ATMA psychedelic therapy course alumni

Mikael Bartholdy

I loved the diversity of the instructors and psychedelics discussed. The thoroughness of the information provided in the modules. The self-care Sundays. The small cohort work. The ability of people leading the Q&As and Sundays to keep the time on track.

Delia Comer

I loved the heart that was put into it, i.e. enthusiasm, quality content, professionalism, etc. I also appreciated my group I worked with, there were some very good conversations and sharing experiences.

Juan Jimenez

I am so grateful to have discovered this amazing program, and I am truly loving this learning platform and community. I was inspired to learn about psychedelic therapy and now I am convinced this is the field that I am meant to be in. I’m excited about bringing my unique offerings to this field and hopefully collaborating with this community along the way.

Cheryl K

Frequently Asked Questions

The Introduction to PaT course is entirely online with live Q&A. 

The Advanced PaT Certification Program offers online training as well as in-person.

The Physician & Prescriber PaT course is entirely online with live Q&A. 

We have partnered with clinics across Canada to provide in-person experiential training and clinical trial participation in BC, Alberta and Ontario. If you are unable or unwilling to partake in the in-person training, you can enroll in our Advance PaT Certification Program online portion only where no in-person training is required. 

Yes! Our psychedelic-assisted therapy programs are online and available to those in the United States and Australia who wish to receive training in psychedelic-assisted therapy.  

We do offer exceptions for the Introduction Program for those who qualify. Please contact us to learn more. 

Still have questions? Speak to an advisor.

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