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Thursday, February 22

3 Essentials of an Effective Compassionate Witness (A Guide for Non-licensed Practitioners)

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Embarking on the journey to become an effective compassionate witness in the psychedelic realm is akin to transforming into a Love Warrior. This webinar, designed for those who may not hold traditional licenses but are eager to contribute meaningfully to this transformative field, delves into the core essentials of ethics, knowledge, and skills.


1. Ethics: Nurturing the Inner Love Warrior
At the heart of our discussion on ethics lies the profound understanding that sensitivity, often seen as a vulnerability, is indeed our superpower. In a world where Gábor Máté reminds us of our toxic culture, embracing our own pain becomes the first step towards healing. This session will guide you through supporting others with accountability, repairing harm, self-care, and inner work. We’ll explore the dynamics of emotional suppression and the sacrifice of authenticity, highlighting the importance of showing up for yourself and others in a safe, ethical manner. This is about harnessing your innate kindness, compassion, and consideration to navigate the murky waters of human emotion and connection.


2. Knowledge: The Compass and the Map
Our dive into knowledge is more than just accruing facts; it’s about understanding the massive cultural shifts and the interplay between the intra-personal and interpersonal. We’ll discuss the essence of being inter-dependent beings and how this knowledge equips us to better serve and connect with those undergoing psychedelic experiences. You’ll learn to recognize the signs of deep sensitivity and trauma as gateways to compassion and empathy, turning potential vulnerabilities into strengths.


3. Skills: Implementation and Experience
Turning theory into practice, we’ll focus on the skills necessary for implementing this knowledge and experience in real-world scenarios. Through discussing the lifelong discipleship of being a Love Warrior, we will cover how to own and lead with sensitivity, how to respond to life’s challenges with love, and how to establish healthy boundaries. This is about becoming a leader of the heart, ready to meet every gesture as a call for love, whether in moments of pain or misunderstanding.


In this webinar, you’ll be equipped with the essentials to walk the path of a Love Warrior, transforming sensitivity into a formidable force for healing and connection. You’ll learn that healing is not a linear journey but a lifelong commitment to progress, not perfection. Through curiosity and compassion, you’ll discover how to guide others—and yourself—home to the wisdom inherent in the human experience. Join us in embracing the art of being an effective compassionate witness, where every challenge is an opportunity for growth and every pain point, a guidepost back to self-worth.
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  • Thursday, February 22
  • 06:00pm - 07:00pm MT
  • Free Webinar, Information Session


February 22
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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